HA!Man Francois Le Roux Cellist

HA!Man Francois Le Roux Cellist Spontaneous Music & Movement Expression

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between the mind and the instinctive, the flow of feeling is born..

moving in the moment
I create from within
my feelings in sounds and words and imagery..


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Examples of Typical HA! Show Items

Current Favourites
 “vir mariana” – recording made for my mother just before she died, 26
January 2016 (HA!Man)
 “moving Johannesburg” – video images of the city of gold with multiple
african drumbeats
 “The old man” – poetic tale of a blind man looking for direction (Joke
 “the Madenss makes me Homesick” – poem about the European refugee
crisis (Joke Debaere)
A. Show start
1. HA!Man: Slow moving and transporting improvisation with cello, sustained
keyboard pad and string sounds, whistling, voice
2. HA!Man with accompaniments like “african night sounds,” “song before
sleep” and “a million stars.”
3. HA!Man accompanying Joke with semi-improvised poem “a home i cannot
B. Improvisations
1. Solo improvisations on cello, keyboard
2. Layered improvisations, recording different instruments one after the other
3. Improvisations on themes given by the audience
C. Classical-styled pieces (HA!Man)
1. Orchestral arrangement of poem by Jan F.E. Celliers, “Die Ossewa”
2. “Sonnet 30,” a modernized medieval English chant
3. “when the herd came down,” string orchestra soundtrack to a scene of
elephants coming down to the water side
4. “A Polovetsian Dance” – a free-style arrangement of Borodin’s like-titled
dance from the opera Prince Igor
5. Arrangement of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March
D. Items with Joke Debaere
1. Improvised poems with HA!Man improvised accompaniments (keyboard,
cello, voice) in English, Dutch and French cabaret style
2. “The old man” – poetic tale of a blind man looking for direction
3. Improvised piano duo
4. Playing the mbira with HA!Man improvised accompaniment
5. Dramatized texts from the collaboration “Relentless Universe” (Los Angeles,
E. Extracts from Soundtracks
1. “Migrations” – another LA based collaboration
2. The Stutterheim engines project – featuring the rhythmic sounds from old
running engines
3. Tracks from “Skepping 7,” a music-sound journey based on Genesis 1
F. The epic songs
1. Her Time Has Come (for Africa)
2. Beautiful Land (for South Africa)
3. Afrikaner is my Naam (for the 21st century Afrikaner)
4. It’s up to Us (for community empowerment)
5. Lekke Lekke Cape Town
G. Other Types of Pieces
1. Pieces for HA!Man to dance on: “love dance,” “to lose it in all its details,”
“Grand Africa” and “when the heart is sensed”
2. Issue related pieces like “Global Warming
3. Pieces with a personal story behind it like,” “on her death” and “for mariana”
4. Place-related pieces like “america” and “Chicago Industrial”
5. Africa-style pieces like “African Groove,” “my africa” and “mene-mene”
6. The rest is categorized under mystical, spiritual, experimental, high energy,
jazzy, melancholic, festive and home coming pieces…
H. Video Tracks
1. “On wings of Wind” – traversing a sea of “kosmos” flowers
2. “Rainbow Dance” – slide show with effects of dancing South African
youngsters along with the track “first contact”
3. “On being Nguni” – visuals of indigenous african cattle in wild habitat along
with track “my africa”
4. “moving Johannesburg” – video images by HA!Man and Joke Debaere of the
city of gold, with a multiple african drumbeat soundtrack
5. “Song of Nature” – video and images by HA!Man and Joke Debaere of the
Seweekspoort mountain area along with poetic text by Joke

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