Ormonde Private Cellars – Darling

It is in Darling, Darling!

Imagine being a rock on a hill outside Darling on the West Coast of South Africa.

The heat and force from the core of the earth has bruted you onward and upward for around 600 million years, moving you from deep below the surface of the Ceres district to bulge out as a hill more than a hundred kilometers farther South-West.

After centuries of unrelenting darkness and pressure, your ancient head finally brims into the cool sea-breeze and the delightful light of the sun just outside Darling.

Maybe that is why there hovers such a general aura of gratitude and tranquility on the vast horizons surrounding Darling.

The fight is over. The job of creating the best ancient soil for vineyards to frolic and fruit in is done.

It is no wonder then that the Darling district is world renowned for its wines and that the Ormonde, Ondine and Alexanderfontein wines show so much unique character and win so many awards.

Back to being human. We arrived at the Ormonde Private Cellars tasting room. The inimitable Eddie (Kwagga) Boucher came to greet us and despite his short-sleeved summer shirt, on a véry cold winter’s day, he radiated an endearing warmth, pride and excitement to share Ormonde’s greatness with us. He had to hear how pleased we all were to be there. None of us had any idea of just how pleased we were still going to get.

We were eager to meet our host, Adré Rheeder General Manager of Ormonde, who welcomed us in the tasting room and proceeded to unabashedly enchant us with his energetic passion for excellence and riveting knowledge about wine-farming, management and the chemistry and soul of the soil and wine.

Visiting the farm

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