SobAlert – Medical Aid Covered Hangover Prevention & Immune Booster – 100% Natural Cape Flora

Available at all pharmacies in South Africa

Do you pop ‘liver helping’ pills before functions and parties? you are doing great but you can do better for less and much more healthy. The other great news is that it is covered by the medical aid companies.

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Sobalert in conjunction with Rickety Bridge Winery has made Sobalert Plus which is Sobalert with milk thistle and is exported to USA market.

Also, SobAlert is used for its positive immune effectiveness to treat Familial Mediterranean Fever which is an autoimmune disorder.

Immune system boosting @SobAlert is Better! It tastes great, is chewable. It consists of 100% natural Cape Flora, aids your brain, liver, blood and your entire system. Unlike chemical tablets, no side-effects or warning leaflets!

As an immune booster SOBALERT also reduces urinary tract infections as flavonoids produce SIDEROCALIN and SOBALERT also good for lethargy and provide a natural boost for the body.

Originally developed as an effective Hangover Prevention Medication ~ SobAlert surprised me as a fantastic immune booster for the whole family. Intended and effective as a  hangover-busting formula, the highly specialised, 100% natural Cape Flora ingredients, not only helps the body to metabolise alcohol and prevent a hangover, it aids the entire immune system. 

Many people quickly pop a few ‘liver helping’ tablets before they go out and it is commendable! I hope they all run into SobAlert! It tastes great, is chew-able, easy to digest, the all natural composition aids your brain, liver, blood … your entire system. Unlike chemical tablets, there are no side-effects or even warning leaflets!

Sometimes we sip, sometimes we drink and sometimes we downright quaff. So, heartily enjoying life and all its abundance, I tried SobAlert on Saturday. I felt like the guy from “Limitless” Not in an “I am invincible” stupid way! In an “I am aware that Alcohol is a drug’ type of way! SobAlert really made a difference to how my body metabolised the legal, deceptively socially acceptable poison and helped me to recuperate so much quicker! It is amazing! It is super effective and it is 100% harvested from Mother Nature!”

The high-quality raw ingredients of SobAlert come from the Cape Floral Kingdom. This is an area of over 55,000 square kilometres and although it is the smallest of the world’s 6 floral kingdoms, it is the most bio-diverse area on earth. It has over 9000 floral species of which 7000 Are endemic (The Netherlands has only 11 endemic species). There are more flower species on Table Mountain than in the whole of the British Isles. Scientists are reverting back to us in natural medicines due to consumer demand much like the Khoi San did years ago. Flower species like green tea, rooibos tea, honeybush and Bucchu are used today and so is SobAlert being used with growing popularity to become Southern Africa totally natural no.1 preventer of hangovers. Adhering to international standards, SobAlert is manufactured in Paarl. These ingredients are made into a unique scientifically formulated product that helps the body prevent hangovers. SobAlert neutralises the free radicals such as the toxin acetaldehyde that crosses the blood-brain barrier to irritate the brain lining and also other free radicals that stress the liver and limit liver function. SobAlert is also so effective that the next day breathalyser is negative. SobAlert is South Africa’s no.1 and only proactive hangover natural remedy. Recognised by Medical Aids

Many beneficial ingredients from the Cape Floral kingdom including Bucchu, Rooibos & Green tea, Sceletia, Honeybush tea, SobAlert , Devils Claw for osteoarthritis & many others with trace elements.

Heavy drinking may cause that alcohol stays in your system for longer than you think, but with SobAlert you are assured of a negative breathalyser result the next day. The other great news is that it is covered by the medical aid companies. SobAlert is the only totally natural hangover preventer in Southern Africa. The main aim of is to teach the fine art of drinking alcohol and how to enjoy alcohol to the max with no alcohol harm.

Article on SobAlert in the Franschhoek Tatler and some more information.
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Article in the Franschoek Tatler  

The NAPPI Code for medical aids is 721485001

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Added benefits of SobAlert is that it cuts down not only on hangovers but domestic and public violence, absenteeism, FASD and ADHD and other sensory disorders caused by binge drinking as teenagers, motor vehicle accidents and many many other wasted resources caused by the lack of knowledge about alcohol and that it is the drug ethyl alcohol that acts initially as a stimulant and then a depressant.