The Village Ball Hermanus 2017 & fantastic sponsorship opportunities.


The Hermanus Village Ball was a huge success in 2016 and we would like to make it even better this year. Therefore we are calling for sponsorship again.

For many senior citizens it is the highlight of their social calendar.


The idea is to have a fabulous event held at the community hall in Sandbaai, following The Hermanus High School Matric dance 2017. This Matric event is fully paid for by the Matric class of 2017 and we will be able to use their decorations the following evening.

–      The Village Ball

Building on last year’s success we want to include as many people from our diverse community as possible. Your sponsorship will enable us to include previously and currently disadvantaged seniors.


This exciting initiative is about honouring the community’s elderly, and fostering inter-generational relationships in the community. Hermanus has a large number of senior folk, many of whom are isolated from family and society.


What we’d like to do is provide an opportunity for our town’s senior citizens to get out, socialise and make new friends. It also provides an ideal occasion for our youth to spend time with people who have experience, wisdom and stories to share; to forge inter-generational bonds between the young and old.


Janet Hugo, director of Sterling Private Clients in Hermanus and chair of the event organising committee, says, “The Village Ball will not only be a night to remember, but also a golden opportunity for the community to work together in making something special happen in our town. Our event honours our seniors, in line with the United Nations International Day of Older Persons (1 October) which takes a stand against agesism by drawing attention to and challenging negative stereotypes and misconceptions about older persons and ageing. Such discrimination shapes how the elderly are treated and perceived by their societies, including in medical and work settings, creating environments that limit older persons’ potential and impact their health and well – being.

The failure to tackle ageism undermines older persons’ right and hinders their contribution to social, economic, cultural and political life”


By using the beautifully decorated hall from the Matric dance, Hermanus will be able to work together as a community to honour the senior citizens from our


A magnificent music and three course dinner dance event for senior citizens on Saturday 30th September 2017 – organised by a community committee chaired by Janet Hugo.  Last year the event was the highlight of the Hermanus annual social calendar. Our Executive Mayor, Rudolph Smith opened the evening and pledged to do more for the senior citizens of the region.  We will again be inviting senior citizens to a fun, sponsored dinner dance event. The event will be well publicised, with media and community participation.


Senior Citizens of Hermanus will be invited to enjoy a delicious meal, stirring music and fun dancing – with each other or with the younger generation.


Although this is a social responsibility event these senior citizens are your clients or customers. 

The Plan

“The Village Ball – Hermanus” just after the Hermanus High School Matric Dance, has multiple synergy benefits:


  • Cost-saving – the Sandbaai Hall will be decorated for Friday evening’s Hermanus High School Matric Dance. The décor will then remain in place for the Village Ball. The decorations are fully funded by the Matrics of 2017.
  • Logistical benefits – catering equipment required for the school event and Saturday’s delicious food (which is to be prepared by a top local chef), as well as the sound equipment and staging will all be put to good use for the events.


Your Marketing and Social Responsibility Investment Opportunity.


First and foremost, The Village Ball, Hermanus 2017 is a local community endeavour.  This is simply a kind-hearted, community initiative.


As such, it falls squarely into the realm of Corporate Social Investment. Furthermore, it offers many of the benefits of a traditional public relations brand supporting event.


For event sponsors, this context is significant. A brand will attach its name to a new and unique South African initiative.


The media are keen to embrace it in every way possible:

  • The Village NEWS, Hermanus’s local free sheet newspaper, was quick to announce the plans for a “Village Ball”. 7 000 copies are printed and distributed throughout the Overstrand. They have again pledged their support.
  • The local radio station, Whale Coast 96fm, has received live reads of this planned event.
  • It has already been featured on the Village Internet portal, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • Hermanus Times, with a circulation of 5,600, were very supportive last year and have again shown interest in covering the build-up to the event, supplying a photographer and reporting on it afterwards.
  • Cape Times, Die Burger and The Argus will be approached by the organising committee to do coverage.
  • Hopefully other communities will follow the Hermanus

Your Chance to Spread some Good Will and Sponsorship


The Village Ball is looking for one or more contributing sponsors to help make the 2017 dinner dance an event to remember.


We have budgeted expenses of R125 000 and a detailed budget is available to anyone interested in further information.


The Village Ball – Hermanus 2017

Sterling Private Wealth has already sponsored R20 000 of the costs.

The rest of the expenses will be covered through the sale (or sponsorship) of 180 dance tickets for the seniors at R350 per head.

Any shortfalls in ticket sales could have an impact on the final number of dance attendees, and to ensure a strong turnout we are doing the necessary fundraising to supply complimentary tickets to the senior citizen attendees. A high profile brand sponsorship of R100 000 would secure the financing and success of this event. Alternately, a number of smaller co-sponsors would also ensure the same outcome.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors will be able to maximise their branding opportunities by selecting the elements that best meet their brand culture and marketing platforms.

– The Village Ball – Hermanus 2017


A senior citizen dinner and dance event on Saturday 30thSeptember, 2017. This A-list event will be spoken about for months afterwards.


  • Naming Rights plus wine sponsor                               R100 000


Ideally we would like a key sponsor to take up several branding opportunities for this Social Responsibility event as well as sponsoring the branded wine for the tables.



  • Naming Rights only                                                   R85 000


Ideally we would like a key sponsor to take up several branding opportunities for this Social Responsibility event.


  • Wine branding sponsorship                                         R15 000

Sponsoring of wine with branded labels on wine bottles for the event.


  • Your Name in Lights:                                                   R30 000

(GOBO lighting)


Light Projected logo inside the venue – perfect for reinforcing a theme or message, as well as branding and promoting.



  • Flags around the perimeter of the venue: 5 flags          R2500


  • Sponsor the main course:                                               R25 000


  • Sponsor the dessert:                                                      R9 750


  • Sponsor the starter:                                                   R8 500


  • Sponsor the entertainment:                                         R10 000


  • Sponsor a table of Seniors :                    40 tickets – R14 000 20 tickets – R7 000
    • tickets – R3 500



  • Attend the ball with your clients :          40 tickets – R14 000

20 tickets –  R7 000

  • tickets – R3 500

These tickets cover entertainment, a three course meal and transport if necessary.  Our committee will invite the senior citizens from our community on your behalf and give them a very special outing.


Invite your own guests, you could even place your own branded goodie bags on the table.




Branding Benefits to sponsors 


  • Bi-weekly features of the event and sponsors in The Village News – Hermanus newspaper
  • Daily features on popular Hermanus community Facebook pages
  • Mentioned on Hermanus Whale Coast FM
  • Web ticket will mention sponsor partner, with naming rights.
  • Elegant menus at the Village Ball function will have your logo.


Named sponsor and branded wine:R100 000
Named sponsor only:R85 000
Wine branding Sponsor only:R15 000
Platinum sponsors:Contribute more thanR50 000
Gold sponsors:Contribute more thanR20 000
Silver sponsors:Contribute more thanR10 000
Bronze sponsors:Contribute more thanR 5 000
Blue sponsors:ContributeR 3 500 or more


“The Village Ball – Hermanus 2017”


Organising Committee:

c/o Sterling Private Wealth, 9 Mitchell Street, Hermanus 7200. South Africa.


Administration: Marietjie Haman, Tel: 0861 888 987 or 028 312 1735


Organising Committee Chair: Janet Hugo  082 780 2743


Funding and sponsorship: Gerhard van der Merwe  082 881 0050


Project co –ordinator: Justin Bawden  084 561 1460


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