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Improves Blood flow

“Hanging upside down and moving acrobatically, often in mid-air, with legs wrapped around hammocks made from parachute silk, is the coolest new fitness trend to emerge from the States.”


The inverted poses revitalize the whole system. They take the weight off the legs, relieving strain. By inverting the inner organs, they activate parts that are sluggish. They improve circulation and tone the glandular system. They help concentration as blood is brought to the brain, and are a marvelous aid to sleep.

—Silva, Mira & Shyam Mehta.


Pilates background

Suzanne Kennedy has been know as the highest qualified pilates studio owner of Hermanus for many years.  This exercise system originally developed by Joseph Pilates to help rehabilitate injured soldiers after the First World War. His routines, done on mats or on specifically designed machines, help realign and balance the body, emphasising correct alignment of the spine. Pilates is particular popular with dancers and actors, and people who care and require the excellent mobility and good posture that come form a strong abdomen and lower back.

Aerial yoga

This popular and fast growing fitness and toning excercise technique is fairly new in the world.  Aerial yoga is the brainchild of Christopher Harrison – the man who co-founded acrobatic arts troupe Cirque de Soleil – aerial yoga takes influences from yoga, dance, Pilates and calisthenics and is performed with the use of a silk hammock secured to the ceiling. Acting like a swing or soft trapeze, the hammock enables you to invert your body in the poses, leaving you feeling both lighter and taller.

As a modified version of Yoga and Pilates it is still all about the core, focus and strenght. It gives a total body workout and is done by being suspended from a silky 5.5 meter long hammock/ sling that acts as your support system about half a meter off the ground. At times it serves as a swing or trapeze and allows for fluid movements and better flexibility.


Unnata Aerial Yoga on Maatband – from the Northriding Jhb. affiliate studio.

Some of the benefits of Aerial Yoga

Apart from being a major stress-buster due to its high fun quotient, there are some serious health benefits associated with AntiGravity Yoga. “Anyone that has back issues should be doing this class,” says Bill Davis, director of group fitness for The Athletic Club in Brantford, Ont. “It’s better than an inversion table. It gives you the chance to hang freely, allowing your spine to lengthen. People who have taken the class here always comment on how much better their back feels afterward.” Instructor Katlynn MacDonald can attest to this. After suffering from sciatica for years, she has found that practicing AntiGravity Yoga helps to relieve her pain.

In addition to decompressing the spine, AntiGravity Yoga can help to increase strength and flexibility, as well as bring you greater awareness of your body. “It’s a real mind-body-spirit experience,” says instructor Sandra Caniglia, who has been practicing yoga for the past 10 years, and is also an avid runner. “It really does help in other areas of our lives, too. The core work is a huge benefit for running and I’ve found that I can recover faster.”
Below are common health conditions that require a physicians approval before inversion:

The use of Anti-Coagulants such as Blood-thinning drugs or aspirin, to reduce clotting of the arteries and blood vessels
Bone weakness, recent fractures, skeletal implants
Conjunctivitis – (Pink eye)
Heart or circulatory disorders
Hiatal hernia or ventral hernia
High blood pressure and hypertension
Middle ear infection
Extreme Obesity
Pregnancy beyond the first trimester.
Retinal detachment
Spinal injury
Ministroke (TIA – Transient Ischemic Attack)
(Cited from the Comfort Channel Inversion Therapy Theory and Precautions)

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In addition to decompressing the spine, Aerial Yoga can help to increase strength and flexibility, as well as bring you greater awareness of your body.


The inversion sequences – where you hang upside down – relieve compression from the spine and straighten it out..

It may help alleviate back problems

By improving blood flow to the thyroid and pituitary glands, hormone function may be boosted.

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