Creation Wines Wine & Food Pairing

Creation Wines Serendipity Spring Flexitarian Menu

Uncompromising on Excellence

There is a joy that envelops one when you walk toward the Creation restaurant. It is the best kind of natural Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins, and Oxytocin high. The expansive views over the mountains and valleys, beautiful flowers, the aroma of the indigenous fynbos, the beautiful speak-straight-to-the-heart art and the expectation of the wine and food experience all wash over every cell and tickle like fairy dust in your soul.

The friendly warm-hearted welcome one is received with by every single member of staff, the earthy, easy classy interior and ambience take the relaxing factor to an immediate chillout level. This sculpture is so appropriate!

The perfect gentle pink Creation Rose welcome drink deepens the knowing that you are in for a superior experience.

 The sensational sensory experience becomes even more alive in layers and layers of awakened senses. Smelling the passion fruit informs your pallet and the ‘shell-phone’ informs your sense of space and time. You are transported to such a holistic happy place. If this cannot do it for you, no therapy or pills will either.

Chapter 1: Creation Sauvignon Blanc – Minerality Rules!
Cucumber Booster Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon – Ocean’s Gift Zucchini, Nasturtium Pesto, Goat’s Milk Cheese, Sorrel.

The fresh cucumber shot awakens all the senses ever so gently and prepares it for the next sensation.

Tasting the wine before and after each bite deepens the experience of how well thought out the pairing is. It made me think of hand made silk flowing in a gentle breeze. Recipe

Chapter 2: Creation Viognier – Vivaldi in a Glass Creation Viognier, Roussanne – Fun with Finesse Cocktail Pickled Sosatie, Cape Seed Loaf  Recipe

Every course leads into the next and prepares your palette for the dance it will do as the magnificent wines pair perfectly with the flavours of the food. 

One becomes deeply aware of the authenticity of the Farm to Table freshness and dedication. 

Chapter 3: Creation Reserve Chardonnay – Absolutely Brilliant Chardonnay Herbed Trout, Kohlrabi, Fennel

Chapter 4: Creation Reserve Pinot Noir – Red Velvet Springbok, Maize, Chakalaka, Green Beans

A true next-level heritage celebration. The steaming little black tri-pot evokes our deep African memories and is perfectly complimented by the Maize, Chakalaka & Green Beans

 Chapter 5: Creation Syrah, Grenache – Oh so Umami… Lamb Roti, Waterblommetjie, Num-Num Recipe


Chapter 6: Creation Fine Cape Vintage – Sweet Temptation Tipsy Tart Twinki, Guava Gelato

Deliciously luxurious and otherworldly. Hints of India and luscious Italian gelato dance an entire symphony on your tastebuds.

Nanette Ranger's Art Sets The Scene

The beautiful works of art by South African Sculptor Nanette Ranger have the most lovely subtle effect of calming one down and taking you inward to where we remember childhood wonderment. It is a feast for the soul.