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Time to Treat yourself ~ Beauty & Anti-Aging ~ Refine Clinic Hermanus

The atmosphere at Refine Clinic hovers between chick, serene, elegant and funky. It is just so really lovely to be there! Probably especially because you can rest assured that you are in really caring, professional and good hands. It is a breathe deeply, exhale and enjoy experience!

Owner Lindi’s sweet reassuring voice matches her lively eyes and fairy looks to a T! It is totally disarming and matched with her extensive knowledge of the skin and deep background of treatments, hormones and remedies, one feels that relief and relaxation setting in of being with a doctor who truly knows her subject.

I have become the bearded lady, so I was really in trepidation about the process of getting rid of unwanted hair amongst other …hmm, ‘interesting’ tricks age plays on some of us, such as liver spots and whatnots! But the consultation with Lindi was a very interesting, informative and reassuring affair! I loved it!

My first treatment was a full face laser treatment. Like most women, I have a high pain threshold so the stinging of the laser was bearable, especially with Lindi’s highly professional pre-treatment, gentle but secure hands and easy chatter with that soothing giggle-voice. My skin was sensitive for a day or two and then the pure joy of not finding new beard every morning made up for every little crumb of slight discomfort!

I will be going for a couple of treatments which I will log here. Watch this space!

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