The Restaurant at Wildekrans Wine Estate

Covid19 LockDown Relief ~ Home Delivery Service

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Chef Gordon Manuel prepares a new menu every week for you to order from.
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Also on offer is 5 Liters of 2018 Virgin, first cold pressed Olive Oil at only R325. It is a beautifully soft oil at the absolute best price on the market! 

The Restaurant At Wildekrans Open for Breakfast & Lunch from 31 July 2020

“We are very excited that we will be opening the Restaurant for breakfast & lunch from 31 July 2020.
Breakfast from 8 until 11 & lunch from 12 until 15 30.
Saturday’s and Sunday’s Only.
We will be offering a selection of Double Dutch Non Alcohol cocktails.

Booking is essential!

If you are unable to book a table on Sunday, we will still be doing our Sunday lunch Delivery. Please see this week’s menu attached. Please confirm your lunch box delivery by 17 00 on Friday the 31st of July.”
The Wildekrans Team


Please get your orders in by 17 00 on Friday.

Order your Home Feast to be delivered to your door, usually by the Chef himself! 
27 82 774 1101
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Olive Oil SpecialThis is Virgin, First Cold Press Olive Oil
from the award-winning 2018 harvest.
Highly recommended.

Also on offer is 5 Liters of 2018 Virgin, first cold pressed Olive Oil at only R325. It is a beautifully soft oil at the absolute best price on the market! 

You will receive it in a 5 Litre tin container. It contains the same oil as shown here in the 500ml bottle. Award Winning Olive Oil. Chef Gordon Manuel uses this himself, it is less frank than the younger oils so the flavour does not dominate the subtle undertones of accompanying food.


Tel: +27(0)28 284 9488

Wildekrans Olive Oil

To gush or not to gush! In this case there is no option. If you happen to have the superior experience of eating at The Restaurant at Wildekrans and you do not gush, you might have to check your pulse for a sign of life.

The Restaurant at Wildekrans Wine Estate

You want to book a table!


Tuesday – Sunday Breakfast: 08H00 – 11H00

Tuesday – Sunday Lunch: 12H00 – 15H00

Saturday Dinner: 18H00 – 21H00


Tel: +27(0)28 284 9488

The Restaurant at Wildekrans ~ an experience you do not want to miss!

Trust the inimitable Wildekrans Restaurant Team to passionately execute the brilliant concept of “Authentic Dining”!

Chef Gordon Manuel exudes a tranquil passion for sustainable gourmet practices and authentic quality food served with wildly beautiful, creative and bewitching plating. 

I suggest that you book your place immediately – once the word is out, there will be a waiting list of foodies, eager to experience the best restaurant experience in the Overberg! I have been impressed by some good fine dining restaurants, such as Waterkloof (Somerset West), and Springfontein (Stanford), but The Restaurant at Wildekrans has shot itself through the roof of my favourites list.

Labeled indigenous trees, white rocks and white strips around the bottom of the trees lead the way from the wide, welcoming gates all the way down to the Restaurant at Wildekrans. The beautiful Overberg vistas unfold and somehow embraces one at the same time as inspiring really deep breathing. It is a beautiful setting. I distinctly got the feeling that my mother was there júst the day before, re-telling all staff how to tenderly tend to every single little detail. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Well – no wonder one is welcomed with the sense of sublime open-lung breathing – even the air is clean on this beautiful award-winning wine estate & farm.

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.” ~ Aldous Huxley
My superior culinary experience at The Restaurant at Wildekrans

There is always a little trepidation of spirit when visiting a new place or a beloved place with a new chef. We all hate to be disappointed – and have to pay for it anyway.  At The Restaurant at Wildekrans there were absolutely no disappointments. Not one. On the contrary! The staff is well informed, friendly, elegantly eager to please, and enthused with their endearing passion for authentic fine dining which shines through in everything they do. That in itself is inspiring, relaxing and soul-calming. You feel to be in very good hands.

We were lucky to meet the new head chef Gordon Manuel and his inimitable wife, Emma. His kind, calm and collected presence could not remotely prepare us for his absolute passion and prowess to deliver plate after plate of farm to table culinary marvels. 

Brilliantly balanced & daring flavours, colours and textures.
The Restaurant At Wildekrans Gordon & Emma Manuel

Befitting to the Overstrand being a UNESCO Creative Area of Gastronomy, the spotlight is on sustainability and growth of the area. The Restaurant at Wildekrans’s produce is mostly sourced from local artisans and farmers. Their chefs prepare it daily using old world techniques with modern inspiration and follow the ethos of promoting a sustainable, authentic and unique dining experience. 

Gordon Manuel: “I don’t believe in any smoke and mirrors and all that type of thing. It’s really earthy good cooking, presented in a subtle way.the main thing for us is, the produce must speak for itself.”

The Welcome At The Restaurant At Wildekrans


Home-baked sourdough bread and the crunchiest, most delicious seed loaf in the world, served with perfect little domes of rosemary butter. A bowl of Wildekrans’s renowned olives tossed in gentle chimichurri. On the side also some award-winning Wildekrans olive oil and balsamic to dip the bespoke bread into.

Marveling at the tranquil surrounds, we settled into our chairs to study the enticing and refreshingly non-greedily priced menu-items. A fresh and frosty, ice-cold glass of Wildekrans Brut MCC 2015 arrived as a welcome, followed by some teaser pre-entré amuse-bouche delights.

The Amuse-Bouche

 Cold Avocado Soup

A delicious Chilled Avocado Soup, served in elegant little glass balls with a Tomato & Cilantro Salsa, Sour Cream and Crispy Prosciutto. 

Beautifully presented and as dreamy and promising of more to come as a yearned for commitment ring. This Game was ON, with all my senses fully engaged! 

The Restaurant At Wildekrans

Ensalada Caprese

A little spoonful of ensalada caprese constructed out of the elements of a big salad. One perfect mouthful of magic. A synergy of flavours, served on a porcelain spoon. You actually have to close your eyes and shut out all exterior interruptions, wanting to savour and swallow in slow motion. Made with crumbed, deep-fried bocacinni, some chickpea hummus, some olive tapenade, and some marinated tomato. Then finally to finish it off, balsamic pearls which explode in your mouth, setting free yet another layer of flavour. 

The Starters

Rooibos Smoked Duck

Duck breast slow roasted in Rooibos Tea. Duck legs, slow roasted and candied with plum sauce. Home made Duck liver parfait. Herbs and plumbs from the farm. Served with drizzles of plumb glaze. 

Tender, full of flavour and contrast. Beam me up Scotty! 

Parma Ham 

Prosciutto. Melon compressed with aged Balsamic. Matured Feta. Olive Tapenade. Greens, flowers & herb oil. 
A delightful combination of flavours and textures.
I got very little of this as my guest tucked in with elegant vigour and left me to do the filming while she was oohing and aahing, smiling, savouring and nodding approval.


Farm fresh. Cured with citrus. Yuzu pearls. Pickled cucumber. Skin crackling. Citrus tones. 

This dish is so aesthetically pleasing that it is truly hard to break the wildly perfect ensemble with a fork. Almost like fiddling with the notes of a beautiful piece of ethereal music. 

But when you do, there is no stopping, as the notes create an overture and then turn upbeat, zingy and Jazzy. Once again the beautiful balance of flavours, contrasts, textures and colours cuts out all the noise in your head. 

The Main Courses

Beef Fillet

Beef poached in red wine. Braised oxtail. Parsley Puree. Roasted Onion. Baby Vegetables. 

The perfect consistency. Gently cooked into sublime tender submission without losing its healthy grassfed attitude.


Farm fish. Ginger & carrot puree. Mango Salsa. Green beans with black Sesame. Fine herbs from the garden. Pepper sauce. Home made Wasabi mayonaise.

The balance of crunchy skin, tender meat, fresh greens, creamy puree and enhancing flavours makes this dish a favourite. 

King Oyster Mushroom

Fine herbs. Bok choy. Chili. Truffle. Cherry Vinegar. 

This totally Vegan meal, layered with exquisite flavours, is moreish beyond my greatest effort or capacity for detached moderation. The texture is wonderfully enhanced with perfect cooking to reach a soft but dense mouthful of munchy, mushroomy magnificence. It is subtle yet punchy… words fail me a little here. Best keep quiet and enjoy!

The Desserts

Peach & Frangipane Tart

The gentle sweetness of this tart is like a homecoming. Slightly crunchy on the outside, slightly mushy on the inside, it lures one to the next bite with involuntary obedience.

The Pistachio ice cream is equally magnificent. My, by now, overwhelmed taste buds ignore my satiation signals and I see my hand reach for just a little more. 

Raspberry Sorbet

Although slightly too sweet for my taste, the delicious freshness of this sorbet combines perfectly with the baby meringue and the pomegranate and Elderberry consomme. 

Blueberry Pannacotta

Gentle, soft, sexy and irresistible! 

Four Chocolate Truffles served with  Cognac or Brandy

Elegant little truffle balls made with Valrhona French premium chocolate. Each one infused with a different delicate flavour. Coconut, Pistachio, Kahlua and Dark Chocolate. 

The Restaurant at Wildekrans is a gastronomic experience of inventive creativity you will not forget and I will be back for many more!

A special offer from Wildekrans

“During this difficult time we are facing with COVID-19, where social distancing is encouraged, we would like to offer our home delivery service to save you a trip to the shops. Not only are we going to deliver to your chosen destination, but we would also like to offer you 20% off our normal retail price.

All our wines are sold in cases of 6 to allow for safe transport. This offer applies to a minimum order of one case, but please feel free to order as many cases as you would like!

Offer valid until further notice and for deliveries in Johannesburg, Pretoria & Cape Town.

Stay at home, keep safe and drink Wildekrans!

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Forage Restaurant at Wildekrans - Award Wining Wine Selection Forage Restaurant at Wildekrans - Award Wining Wine Selection     

The Restaurant at Wildekrans Wine Estate


Tuesday – Sunday Breakfast: 08H00 – 11H00

Tuesday – Sunday Lunch: 12H00 – 15H00

Saturday Dinner: 18H00 – 21H00


Tel: +27(0)28 284 9488