Santa Hermanus Curing Tuberculosis

Help SANTA Hermanus Cure Tuberculosis

Helping to cure TB helps all of us to breathe safe, uncontaminated air!

SANTA Hermanus
(World TB Day, is 24 March.) #WorldTBDay2019

Please donate when you see us with our Santa Hermanus Cure Tuberculosis tins!

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find the Santa banking details to make a donation.

All the money we collect is spent in the Overstrand helping the TB patients. Our biggest expense in paying the salaries of 8 staff in the clinics who dispense the TB medication on a daily basis to the sufferers. After three weeks of being on medication, sufferers are no longer contagious. They can, therefore, go back to work, for their convenience we have a kiosk at the taxi rank in Zwelihle where they can collect medication before work. We also give help to patients with special needs.

One of our big projects is Christmas Presents for all the TB kids – huge fun buying and wrapping all the gifts! Some of these child sufferers are 6 months old and many come from families who are unable to buy them a gift at Christmas and this gift is their only gift.

The majority of our funds are generated from our little Book Shop in Aberdeen Street and through the generosity of the residents in the Overstrand and beyond we have books donated for sale. Our team of wonderful volunteers man the shop 6 days a week and provide help and guidance on books being sought.

S.A. National Tuberculosis Assoc.
F.N.B Hermanus
Account no 52474538836
Branch code 200412
Our N.P.O No. Is 000-946.