Coastal Cleanup & Community Care

Antonio da Silva-Swart’s passion lies with hiking the coast and organising cleanups along the Whale Coat coastline, either with school learners or volunteers from the area.

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On the first Saturday of each month, I hold a cleanup of the coast and collect the marine debris with Volunteers.

The area gets decided after I have done a reconnaissance of the coast or one of my area specialists lets me know what it looks like in their area.
The bags are sponsored by Plastics SA and I take the debris to Whale Coast Conservation Green House in Vermont,  for analysing/counting and sorting. The results get emailed to Plastics SA for the annual international coastal cleanup day and yearly results.
These results get sent to the International Coastal Cleanup Organisation for global reporting.
This forthcoming Saturday, my friend and avid co-hiker; Michael Raimondo, will be taking volunteers from Vermont to Hawston on a stretch of 3.2km of coast to clean that part. They will meet at the fence at Brekvis Beach (border of Vermont and the Hoek-van-die-Berg reserve) at 8h30am and do a 2 hour cleanup.
Volunteers can contact Antonio 0724624271 /
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A man with a passion for cleaning up.