Gabrielskloof Harvest Festival & Wine Pairing.

– Selection of cold meats
– Selection of cheeses
– 2 different types of Paté
– dukkah
– preserves
– freshly baked bread

Harvest platter serves 2 people for R275.

Frans And Mariaan Groenewald
Gabriëlskloof, Botrivier
Restaurant Owners
083 448 1727 | 028 284 9865 
Gabrielskloof Website


Die Engel Gabriël sing van olywe (#Olives) en wyn (#Wine)!

Coming Over the Mountain (In Dutch: Over de berg, hence: Overberg) the beautiful N2 is very well-maintained and probably near Italian or German road-condition standards.  It really is a pleasure to drive this wide winding road, which eventually takes you to the Garden route and the Eastern Cape. The only disadvantage of such a great road is that you might get into the enjoyment of high speed, low revs, great sound-system and forget to stop and smell the roses, taste the wine and find hidden gems along the way.

One such gem is Gabrielskloof! When you see the sign next to the road, put your indicator on, slack down and turn into this beautiful estate!

Apart from stunning views of the rolling hills of this produce rich and beautiful area, you will find award-winning wines, olive oil, a great little deli packed with designer-swag gifts, mouthwatering snacks, charcuterie, cheese, bread and cake.  Buy some because you will regret it if you don’t when you are miles away, but also definitely sit down and look at the restaurant’s menu! It is to Platz for! The delectable menu language will drive your taste-buds crazy with suggestions of palate-pleasing sinful acts of salivatious deliciousness. If a too recent previous meal is blocking your inclination to settle in and order, please go taste some wine and order the Wine Paring Mediterranean Platter. Even an overfed Chiwawa will always have stomach space for fabulous food!

The Famous Gabrielskloof Wine Pairing Mediterranean Platter

The Wine

Please click on each wine to read and be seduced or at least tantalized.

Gabrielskloof Sauvignon Blanc 2016,  Gabrielskloof Voignier 2015Gabrielskloof The Blend 2015 (Wine of the week Sunday Times),  Gabrielskloof Shiraz 2014,

The Food

We were super attended to and told that this is a relaxing experience. We did not have to make notes or ‘pay attention!’. All of the wines have been perfectly paired with all of the food. Brilliant! We could sit back and relax while digging into the deliciousness. But then I jumped forward – Oh my word – it was THE best Humus I have ever tasted (and I am a Humus maker and snob). It was like herbaceous velvet on steroids with these puffy, light, little explosions of crispy chickpeas on top. It was almost confusing to try to relax with all the fantastical culinary Toi-Toi-ing going on on my tongue! And then the wine stepped in and soothed and pleased the taste buds in preparation for the next delight. And so it went on. Every single taste a delightful surprise and evasive homecoming. The homegrown leaves which formed the parcel of the Dolmades and the filling …  The Red-peppers, Chorizo, Calamari, Red Blend … I think I have exhausted my culinary praise words pleasure trove… and since I actually went there to relax and enjoy in the first place, that is exactly what happened. I highly recommend that you go and do the same!

Obsessive Footnotes : )

The seasonal Sciachatta nearly caused a surreptitious little cat-fight for the last crumb. I wish I could whisper this or put it in very tiny font but, … these girls were not hungry anymore and neither are they currently or previously underprivileged.

Highly recommended as an experience of Overberg produce passionately & expertly prepared by Overberg people! 

Thank you and well done to Mariaan, Frans, Nicolene, Peter-Alan et al.

Tel: +27(0)28 284 9865
GPS coordinates: 34°14’19.88″S, 19°15’9.69″E


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