#CruiseAndDine Cape Town

Cape Town’s most memorable dining experience. A delicious meal followed by a serene cruise in the bay – a sublime afternoon treat or the perfect evening finale to a Cape Town day.

With over 25 years’ service, Waterfront Charters are Cape Town’s most qualified and celebrated cruise company, offering a wide selection of vessels and cruises. The V&A Waterfront hosts some of South Africa’s top restaurants: what better way to celebrate a visit to the Waterfront than combining your choice of dining experience with your perfect cruise.  The Waterfront Charters Cruise and Dine option; tailor-made to your desires.

Make contact or come and visit us: we’ll ensure you have an experience that will thrill and fulfil you.

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The Greek Fisherman – Mediterranean & Seafood fare –  from its new ELEVATED position at the V&A

City Grill – South African Steakhouse – with its newly constructed outdoor seating area

Meloncino – Italian cuisine – from a beautifully located elevated position

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Serenity One is a luxurious new modern state of the art Sailing Catamaran that sails well and looks really good. Ideal for Clifton Cruises and Day Charter.


  • Length 12m /40 Foot
  • SAMSA Licence for 40 Passengers & 3 Crew
  • Powered by Twin Yamaha 55 Hp Diesel and Full Sailing Rig
  • Single Decked Day Charter Catamaran Sailing Vessel with Covered Cockpit area, Twin Marine Toilets, Open Trampoline area and 8 Seats around the Bar
  • Available for Daily Scheduled Cruise ( 4 Passenger Minimums Apply ) and Private Charters
  • Full Catering on Request

We asked one of our favourite up and coming #SouthAfrican #Youtubers / Vloggers to log their #CruiseAndDine experience .

#CruiseAndDine by Chris Botha

It’s not every day you get an opportunity to take a free boat trip around a scenic Cape Town harbour on a sunny day. It’s even less often you do so in a 3-piece suit holding a camera on a stick whilst hanging off the side of a yacht like a particularly well-dressed windsock. It’s damn near never that you get to do all that for free.

Well my #CruiseAndDine experience was all of those things and then some. It started with nearly being blown off a pier by the wind and the organiser guessing that fewer people would turn up because of the weather. Then almost everyone turned up and we were whisked off on the waves. Everyone seemed to think I was a hired photographer which lent itself nicely to my antics with the lens.

Later, in possession of several great shots and thoroughly windswept we made our way back. As part of the campaign I had found myself a part of to promote the #CruiseAndDine experience we were all treated to a free dinner at a restaurant friendly to our individual diets and needs. Since I can digest pretty much only unseasoned meat and green vegetables I was given a card granting me a table at The Greek Fisherman.

They say the best food is that which you don’t prepare yourself. Well, I say that. What they (me) often forget to mention is that even better than that is food you don’t have to pay for. Even had I received a bill though I would have happily paid for the excellent service and better fish.

The night ended with everyone swapping stories about their work and lives and after several glasses of wine had been thoroughly polished, myself and my camera made our exit with the announcement that the video would be available for viewing at 8 AM the following morning.

It turned out to be one of my most interesting videos to date and I am forever grateful to the #CruiseAndDine team and The Greek Fisherman for extending the opportunity.