Creation Wines ~ Setting the trend

taste the terroir

This innovative, beautifully presented and magnificently balanced menu will tick all the best boxes of any discerning palate!  

The passion behind every nuance whiffs through the perfect and proud service team and their gentle engaging guidance of how best to savour every subtle hint in the wine and food. Together with all they offer, the classy yet laid-back ambience and the beautiful setting, Creation created a time-out world of pure excellence.  

Even the often unnoticed attention to every little detail gets one’s Seratonin and Dopamine pumping. My Oxytocin* finds new levels at Creation. I postulate that Creation is an aphrodisiac that enhances “Joie De Vivre”! 

Oxytocin* Is called the Love hormone, associated with mother’s love and its feel-good factors, but it plays a huge role in everybody’s emotional state of being all day, every day.
It affects our feelings and responses toward:

  • Trust
  • Gazing
  • Empathy
  • Positive relationship memories
  • Fidelity
  • Positive communication
  • Processing of bonding cues

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  • Hemel en Aarde Road
    PO Box 1772
    South Africa
  • GPS S34 19’54.40″, E19 19’54.92″