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Hiking South Africa

The Be Inspired ~ a Journey is a five star experience of five star nature, five star meals & snacks and five star accommodation. A wonderful hiking South Africa experience. It is made up of a series or choice of 3, 5 or 10 day guided slack-packing hikes of self-discovery throughout the Overberg region of the beautiful Western Cape, South Africa.

It is the perfect way to relax and connect with nature and yourself. Release tension and stress while breathing exquisitely clean air and hiking over mountains, along beaches, over dunes, through forests and fynbos. Suggested lip protection: Organic Pure Natural Elli‘s Lip Balm.

After a hearty breakfast you will set off with an incredibly well-informed guide into the fynbos and other wonders of nature. You will have wonderful opportunities to learn about the different environments you will pass through while exploring caves, getting an idea of how the Khoi San lived and admiring their rock art. Snack-meals are served along the Journey and then you can freshen up and glam it up (or not) for dinner in five star style at The Manor House Restaurant.

An after dinner fire can be made in the quaint little wood burning stoves of rooms like Number 5 at the highly recommended, beautiful and tranquil Stanford Village Guest farm. There is no complete description for the total onslaught of the all surpassing bliss of finally going to bed after a day of soul-cleansing nature, (at times taxing) hiking and an evening of delicious debauchery. The crackling fire flickers and paints the ceiling amber, gold and orange while you open a crisp, clean and cosy bed. You sink into and savour the silkiness of good, fresh linen before you surrender and helplessly float into the arms of Morpheus. Heaven! #ILoveThisPlace!

It is highly recommended that you join one of these arranged hikes or contact Paula for a tailor-made Journey to your own specifications.

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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~ Albert Einstein

The Be Inspired a Journey ~ My Experience

I might sum up the gentle efficacy and wonderment of this experience by telling you that my Love and Contentment levels expanded from not knowing the participants, or coming from a sort of distant acquaintanceship place, on Saturday morning, to authentically declaring my love and appreciation to every person involved in this Journey by Sunday night.  It expanded my knowledge of the Stanford area, the fynbos, the micro and macro worlds of nature, wild fynbos super-foods, cute little bugs and big scary beasts. I felt expanded. Expanded in Grace, Peace, Fitness : ) and Love. My soul is still pleased every moment I reflect on it. 

Note to self: It is truly fantastic to eat like a horse (or two teenage boys) and still lose more than one kilogram in two days… and sport a healthy glow!

The Beautiful Overberg and its lovely roads!

A very beautiful, very early autumn morning and on my way to the beautiful Beloftebos Wedding and Functions venue close to Stanford South Africa.

Beloftebos Weddings & Functions Venue.

The fairy forest setting and the ancient Oak trees spin a magic spell that surreptitiously engulf and enthrall anyone who enters it. We are meeting here for breakfast (which went down in history as redefining ‘hearty’!), by the adorable Corneli ~ Great and Creative Catering. My eggs were perfect! My coffee was just ever so right! The farm bread was fresh! Happiness got no resistance!


Please also read our other article on Beloftebos as a functions venue.

Hiking from Beloftebos to Stanford Valley Guest Farm 

Bellies full and feet itching we eagerly set off in the general direction of Stanford Valley Guest Farm. Within the first few yards our brilliant guide Christoff Longland stopped at a nondescript ‘shrub’ and made it morph into a gorgeous super-food which I want to grow and eat every day. This set the tone. I suggest that hikers should take a Dictaphone or some recording device as the abundance of wonderful knowledge and information flowed into my brain and before I could click the print button the next piece needed attention. We learned about animal behaviour, soil, fynbos, bugs, frogs, water, natural filtering systems, bees, name it, Christoff can add to your knowledge with his eager alert blue eyes sparkling at the wonderment of the creation.

There are beautiful Mountain Bike paths and bridges for eager cyclists too. Look at

The hike was beautiful! I love the diversity of the terrains we covered. The deceiving soft, slow rises of the slopes can be very tiring but most rewarding! Hillsides waving with thousands of Compacta Protea (originally from Botrivier). A dancing sea of pink and green against the blue, blue sky. Heaven. Up to a beautiful lookout point on the top of one of the hills. My legs refused to call the mountain they climbed a hill and were ecstatic at finding a place to sit down and rest.

There were many great conversations, enough silence and a lot of time to do some gentle introspection while the abundant splendour of nature, champagne air, sunshine and a lovely cool breeze were all constant reminders of how beautiful life is.

Stanford Valley Guest Farm  

After the hike of approximately 15km (or allegedly … my rather unfit legs thought it was 50km) from Beloftebos, and startling a couple of duiker and rheebok the oasis of journey’s-end below was a welcome sight! I seriously considered going for an exhilarating swim in the large sparkly dam but the thought of ice-cold wine won this one. (Hands down.)

The splendidly kept Stanford Valley Guest Farm nestles in the valley of the Klein Rivier, 10km outside Stanford village. They offer comfortable accommodation in 7 self-catering cottages (of which 2 are family cottages) and 10 large en-suite rooms. I dream of staying in nr 5 for three months writing, eating, sleeping and hiking.

The placid green pastures and surrounding rolling hills of the beautiful Stanford Valley are decidedly dreamy and totally intoxicating. No one ever wants to leave!


Vaalvlei Wines & Frogs of the Overberg

Before dinner Naas Terblanche graciously provided some of his lovely wines for us to taste and shared a bit of his incredible knowledge of the frogs of the Overberg in a short presentation.

Stanford is a very special place in the world of wine. Varied soils enables production of a variety of wines ranging from vibrant whites to elegant reds that lean towards the old classic styles. Stanford’s unique “four-seasons-in-a-day” weather patterns can startle you and challenge wine growers. This maritime climate contributes to a unique terroir.

Vaalvlei farm, 9km north-east of Stanford is owned and worked by the Terblanche family. The 3 hectare vineyard is planted on “koffieklip” and sandstone soils and the proximity to Walker Bay can also be observed in their wines.

Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz grapes are produced here in this new and exciting wine producing area and are used to make handcrafted wines.

The Terblanche family loves to share the fruit of their labour with everyone. At their tastingroom the wines available are Vaalvlei Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz made at RAKA Wines and a very special Shiraz Reserve made at their own cellar at Vaalvlei. The tasting room is usually open by appointment but keep an eye out for their banners and advertising. Tasting is FREE. Click here for our contact details.

Other products such as preserves, cheeses and a stunning collection of bonsai trees are also available for purchase at Vaalvlei.

Manor House

Beautiful views of the Akkedisberg mountains grace arrival at Manor House and set the scene for peace and tranquility on the outside while truly great pieces of art evoke a uniquely funky-elegant atmosphere on the inside! The waiters are very professional, Elsabe is the perfect hostess and the food is a cut above!
Here you can enjoy upmarket country cuisine, prepared by renowned chef Madre Malan and her team.

Manor House is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Thursday to Saturday – and on Sunday for breakfast & lunch. Also open for group bookings (minimum 15) any other day of the week. Walk-ins are welcome but to avoid disappointment, call 028-3410574 or email Make a reservation

   Photo by Annette Theron. Thank you. Photo by Annette Theron. Thank you. Photo by Annette Theron. Thank you. Photo by Annette Theron. Thank you. Photo by Annette Theron. Thank you. Photo by Annette Theron. Thank you. Photo by Annette Theron. Thank you. Manor House Stanford Valley Guest Farm. Photo by Annette Theron. Manor House Stanford Valley Guest Farm. Photo by Annette Theron.   Photo by Annette Theron. Thank you.  Photo by Annette Theron. Thank you.

Hiking from Stanford Valley Guest Farm to Phillipskop Mountain Reserve

After yet another hearty breakfast we started our second day hike in front of Manor House and hit the direction on Phillipskop Mountain Reserve. It is mostly a medium paced stroll until you hit the slow ascending slope of Phillipskop.

This beautiful farm and mountain reserve is an absolute haven of beauty and tranquility. The shorter trail to the cave art is a fairly easy walk until you reach a steeper rocky ascent to the magical cave. Fantastical views, silence and soul.


Accommodation at Phillipskop Mountain Reserve

The accommodation consists of five chalet-style self-catering cottages surrounded by pristine fynbos. The reserve is 10 minutes past Stanford on the lower slopes of the Klein River Mountains (around 30 minutes from Hermanus). Each cottage has wonderful views across the Overberg towards Gansbaai and Akkedisberg.

Click here to check out their rates or to book a cottage please Contact them or Book Direct.



Stanford Hills Estate’s Restaurant: The Tasting Room

Despite the lovely tea-time snack before the Cave Hike, we were all pretty famished and we set off (by car : ) to Stanford Hills’ The Tasting Room for a late-ish lunch. As per usual it was packed with delightful and delicious people. Here, once again, the photos can do the talking as I was salivating. It was great! Super relaxed and relaxing. Sunday Chill Delux.

From here our gracious hosts took us for a distant look at some whales and caves in de Kelders but we were running out of time and had to proceed to Bodhi Khaya. I was constantly under the immense impression of the deeply rich offerings this part of abundant South Africa holds in her bosom for us to explore, enjoy and learn from.

Bodhi Khaya

Bodhi Khaya is listed by the Huffington Post as one of 8 Awesome Wellness Retreats you didn’t know about.

As we arrived at Bodhi Khaya I was delighted to see Frank, the original owner of The Milkwood Restaurant in Onrus, strolling out of the kitchen looking as full of gentle mirth and kindness as ever.  Good things happen to Good people! : ) We toured parts of the magnificent organic garden, grounds and facilities of Bodhi Khaya while Frank prepared us real loose leaf Earl Grey and home grown organic Apple pie and cream. We sat there in absolute spiritual endowment trying to drink the air and capture some of it in our souls. The silence and swaying of the huge, ancient trees even imbued the spirit of the conversations and lent it some of its sweet and soft gentility and awareness. Heaven again.

Bodhi Khaya is a peaceful haven that offers retreats covering everything from Art to Zen. Nestled at the foot of the Witkransberg in the beautiful Overberg region, Bodhi Khaya boasts 217 hectares of indigenous fynbos and milkwood forest. Connect with nature, kindred spirits, your own heart. Only two hours from Cape Town, Bodhi Khaya is a welcoming spiritual home to all.

Groenvy – Beloftebos Accommodation

Back at the lovely tranquil and spacious Groenvy – Beloftebos Accommodation, everyone was eager to refresh themselves, catch up on Social Media and reflect. The fire was burning, wine was flowing, dinner was being prepared, the bliss and soothed nerves were almost tangible. That night the conversations flowed with the ease, fervour and trust usually only found amongst those family members who really appreciate, respect and adore one another. Those safe places where ridicule is always in mirth, dealt with great respect and total Love – and open to all. It was good.

Wedding / Event enquiries
Coia de Villiers: 076 332 8522

Accommodation enquiries:
Jann Gafney: 082 479 1113

Catering and Events:
Corneli from Cornelia’s Catering: 072 111 9380


#JustDoIt ! I WILL BE BACK! I dream about bringing every person I care about on this amazing Journey!

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