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Familiér Farm Grocer, takes away every excuse for living an unhealthy lifestyle!

If you truly, deeply and wildly appreciate the rare sight of truth, bravery and authenticity, read on… You are going to yelp with pleasure!

Outlets of quality and wellness-minded food and produce are still very scarce in South Africa. Processed and hormone infused foods are just too available and marketed as ‘convenient’ and ‘healthy’.

A friend told me about the exceptional grass-fed meat and organic food shop at Familiér and being nosy : ) … one phone call later and I was invited for an introduction to the shop and a family & friends Braai on the farm.

As I drove into the Annandale Estate, or rather, onto the farm, I felt at home and at peace. I often fall in love at first sight of authenticity …quickly and deeply!

…. Oh the total onslaught of authenticity … my love erupted!

Willem obviously meant his warmhearted invitation to me – as a person. He did not even ask the usual questions about my ‘Social Media Reach’ or any credentials. The absence of that raised eyebrow, ‘what is in it for me?’, or implied ‘are you going to waste my time?’ questions were most refreshing. I liked him already. He and his wife obviously understand that we are all here to serve one another with our compassion, knowledge, passion, wisdom, energy and Love.

The drive from the center of Stellenbosch to Annandale and Familiér farm (next to the strawberry farm), took me less than 15 minutes. It is a real farm, not a dolled up tourist attraction. The classical old farmhouse and farmy surroundings prove a wonderful way of being dolled up by surviving without whimsical new-age trend-coat coverings. Tourists will absolutely benefit from visiting this place but it is my feeling that it is there in the first place for the locals and the healthier and healthier daily and weekly returnees.

Apart from fresh air and an ambiance of bonhomie, what welcomed me on arrival was healthy boys and dogs playing, an old slave bell, the sight of well known wine makers, glorious old Cape architecture, beautiful people sipping wine amidst audible laughter in the soft Oak-filtered sunlight at adjacent Annandale, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, roasting organic ancient-grain Spelt Roosterkoek and the lovely and inspiring Briedenhann family.

Visit the shop to find everything you need to revolutionise your dangerously chemical lifestyle and kitchen to a safe and healthy place. Even organic soap. We absolutely are what we eat. Our skin being our largest organ also inhales chemicals we smear and splat onto it. This is not new information! My mother had the book “Man alive you are half dead – A Physician Tells You How To Eat Your Way To Glowing Health And Stay There.” by Daniel Colin Munro released in 1943 on our bookshelf from long before I was born. Medical studies must have been more advanced then. Or doctors had time to care. Now it is very rare to get advice on nutrition and it is standard to get a prescription of toxic chemicals leading to more medications to treat the side effects of the former. Ad infinitum.

We all have a wonderful opportunity now to heal the earth around us and the people who would hear us. Lets participate! The payoff is radiant health and wellness and low – to no – medical bills. This I personally guarantee! You will have a lot more money to spend too, once you do not need toxic, expensive, arm-length side-effect-warning and condition-plastering medicines.

The brave and beautiful Willem and Louanne Briedenhann started Familiér Farm Grocer literally from their kitchen table. Initially they just wanted their children to  experience true health and wellness by eating only the best, pesticide-free, non genetically modified, organically grown and nutrient-dense food.

Eating healthy and mindfully obviously lead to them all growing super healthy. When well-being shines from someone, every(clever)body wants to know what the source of their energy, beauty, radiance and bounce is. Their kitchen table became the place their friends came to find fresh and trustworthy food for their own families. Within a couple of months and with admirable faith, Familiér Farm Grocer was established from their home on Annandale Wine Estate. They are so committed that they deliver fresh weekly supplies to surrounding families.

Their ‘kitchen-table shop’ very quickly burst out of its own seams. So much so that it has taken over their entire former family home. It has become a popular and successful farm shop that attracts both locals searching for top quality, natural, real food as well as tourists visiting the beautiful and rustic Stellenbosch Estate.

The shop stocks the most wonderful produce! Look at some of the photos in my gallery below. The produce prices are as per publication of this article and may change but it is truly fair and excellent value for money. For instance, 5 Litres of Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil for as little as R560! (R112/L) So not greedy! No wonder they are popular. Every Clever Body with a passion for health, vitality and green living will deeply appreciate the discovery of this unique and educational Farm Grocer!

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Map below the photo gallery.


“At Familiér, we believe that good health and longevity starts with what you eat. That is why we source only pure, wholesome produce, free from artificial preservatives, colourants, MSG and flavourants. It is vitally important to know where your food comes from, how it was cultivated or produced, and it is our job to provide you with superior quality, natural produce that not only tastes great, but is affordable for you and your family, so that you can make healthy, considered and uncompromising choices.”