Healthy soothing tea from your garden

Healthy Herb Tea From Your Garden

Healthy Herb Tea From Your Garden Recipe

Below I list some of the loveliness that you can pick from your garden to make a delicious and healthy herb tea with. Whether you drink it hot or cold or infuse it with bubbles to make a refreshing fizzy drink (Not the healthiest I know but infinitely better than Coke and other sugary drinks.) Fresh from the Garden Herb Ice Tea Champagne.

Pick or buy any or all of the suggested ingredients,
infuse it with hot water (not boiling to preserve vitamins and minerals) for about 15 to 30 minutes,
strain and add fresh lemon juice and pure honey or organic Canadian Mable Syrop to taste,
drink as is or add some hot but not boiling water for a calming pre-sleep drink and on cold days,
or leave it out to cool down for iced tea
or carbonate it for …

The healthiest warm tea or best fizzy drink you have ever tasted and/or given to your loved ones! (other than Kombucha)

Herb Tea

Suggested ingredients:
Cinnamon Stick (Or the powder but it gets in the way a bit)
A slither fresh chilli (or more – it wakes up your entire system : )
Lemon Verbena
Pine needles
Bay leaf
Red Hibiscus flower (hence the pink but be careful as a lot really brings blood pressure down)
Rose Geranium leaf
1 sachet green tea (totally optional)
Fresh Lemon juice just before you drink.
Honey to taste (optional).

A pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt adds nutrients and flavour.

You can add orange peel or slices of orange or apple or whatever you have. If it is fresh, edible and you like the taste or smell – add it.