De Hoop – Overberg Nature Reserve

Delightful, Diverse De Hoop

To put the delicious and diverse offerings of De Hoop in a wider perspective, imagine the sugar-sand beaches of Zanzibar and the ice-blue waters of the Maldives just a few minutes away from Sabi Sabi and Namibian sand dune bliss. Mind-boggling proximity of such diverse biospheres. This biodiversity is part of the mindblowing magic of De Hoop Collection.

De Hoop is perfect for unstuffy rest and recreation that packs plenty of alluring luxury.

To write about an experience at De Hoop can become quite a conundrum. What comes first? Our calm-seeking, nature-feasting eyes, our breathing souls, our deep respect and adoration for the passionate and knowledgeable guides, our raving delight for the impressive wine cellar, our “You had me at Hello” introductions to the delectable menu items, the historically interesting, beautiful & comfortable accommodation, the diverse and interesting activities, the undisturbed wildlife all around, the proud, friendly and efficient staff, the obviously brilliant management style or, well… just the calm overwhelm of the authenticity of it all! 

Nature connects us to her flow ever so gently,
the moment our attention becomes available. 

De Hoop seamlessly facilitates a graceful, healthy interest and attention to nature. It quiets the mind in so many unseen, silent or thunderously grandiose ways. Sunrises, sunsets and moonrises alone can move one to a primal quiet place where our souls unabashedly reconnect to life.

Moonrise at De Hoop Collection

De Hoop reminds us that we are not separate from nature, we might have just fallen out of tune and attention. But she bears no grudges and embraces us right back into her brilliantly designed rhythm.

Get touched by a playful Octopus. It might lead to greater respect for the food on our plates and hopefully equally playfully. #MyOctopusTeacher : )

De Hoop stirs deep respect and appreciation for the people who had the initial vision, those who kept it going and especially for those who are still at it. Because of them, our great, great, great, ad infinitum, grandchildren will hopefully still have the benefit of real-life experiences and not just videos to remember what the earth used to be like. The delight of stepping into the cool evening breeze carrying a whiff of the message from the fresh rain-wet earth. There is a primitive pleasure in the beautiful promise of a new season and the powerful and relentless cycle of life. 



A huge thank you to Theresa Gibbons PR of De Hoop Collection and Ford South Africa for a most memorable road trip!

The Ford Tourneo is the perfect family and/or business vehicle.


De Hoop offers something for everyone. Whether you just want to sit and breathe, read, paint or stare or whether you have ants in your pants and not want to miss a thing. 



From camping to glamping to glamour and space, De Hoop Collection offers a wide range of lovely places to lay your head, read and relax, write your book or plan your next activity. Look at some De Hoop Collection Accomodation options here.


The Best Gift idea in the world – even to yourself

Food & Beverage

The superb cheffing going on from the renowned Fig Tree Restaurant kitchen at De Hoop Collection is made to look like the wide-smile, long-stride Charlie Girl, calmly and confidently strutting her stuff. #80sReference.
It is most impressive.

Innovative, well-planned and creative meals are the order of every day.  From formal, to picnic baskets to hiking parcels. 

At De Hoop Collection your every whim or dietary requirement will be respected and looked after. The Fig Tree Restaurant is open daily, from 08h00-21h00, and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, teas, coffees and cakes and is licensed. Ask about their local wine selection, craft beers and ciders. 

The silo next to the Fig Tree Restaurant has been masterly transformed into the wonderful space for ‘William’s Wine Cellar’. This round-shaped space is home to more than 3000 impressive wines where you are invited to select a cultivar of your choice.

Read about the renowned Fig Tree Restaurant at De Hoop Collection


De Hoop is an absolute sublime haven of wildlife diversity!

From birds to buck to marine life to a smorgasbord of unseen ecologically essential creepy crawlies. 

Experience the Pristine Fynbos and wildlife on the reserve while strolling, hiking, jogging or cycling. Book an open safari vehicle. A qualified field guide will interpret rare and endangered species including Bontebok and Cape Mountain Zebra. Herds of Eland and their communal “creches” for the young can be marvelled at. 

De Hoop ever so effortlessly and elegantly stole my heart and in return gave me a treasure box of beautiful memories and a yearning to go back, time and time again.

Thank you Elizoluxe

A little gratitude gallery of a few of the many photos and videos of our De Hoop trip. 

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