Creation Wines ~ Return To Nature

Imagine for a moment that you are one quiet minuscule baby grape on a baby bunch of grapes. Your name is Divine Chardonnay, cousin of Prince Pinot. You are full of promise, vulnerable yet stoic. You come from excellent genes and hang in a loving environment. Your future looks bright! One day you hope to be an admired elixir in someone’s glass.

You have a long journey to grow and go from there. Soil, Rain, Sun, Moon, clouds, wind, temperature and tending will all influence your future before you reach maturity. 

Then, in your prime, you are harvested and an entirely new chapter of your life begins to unfold. The hands and surfaces you will touch, the motions you will experience, the processes of transformation you will enjoy or endure before you will eventually, if you are lucky and good enough, make it into the glass of a loving, savouring admirer. 

Like music, everything starts with an idea and then one carefully chosen, specific intentional note.

I wish for every phase and end product to be revered with such deep respect. Respect for every thought, and of every detail that formed the foundation of even the olive oil droplets on your plate through to every element we observe, savour, swallow and digest before it becomes the building blocks of our cells. The wonder of how our bodies process and integrate all that is an awe-inspiring study all in itself.

If we can imagine being the soil or the root or the fruit or the leaf and the stillness it experiences, you will become still too and not just gobble down its offerings. 

The return to nature menu at Creation inspired me to really go there. Return to nature. Even the nature of our bodies. Look at it. Learn from it. Become quiet with it. Respect it, … and then, obviously, celebrate it out loud!

The research, study, time, attention and intention that went into creating this menu are magnificently inspiring. At the core of every note lies a thoughtful goal which embraces *Holistic health, wellness & wellbeing. The emphasis on the sensuality of our senses and the meaningful role each bodily system plays in everything our bodies do for us. The result is healthy happiness!

The synergy of wine and food pairing of the return to nature menu is perfect. Like good music, great art and fantastic architecture, the structure of this menu is enormously pleasing to all the senses involved and the after effect lingers as a happy memory, not as bloat, heartburn, weight gain or a food hangover. One feels deeply satisfied, light, happy and healthy.


*Fun Fact: One of the most intelligent and internationally respected, Riebeeck West born, sons of South Africa, Jan Smuts, coined the term “Holism” in 1926.
Holism is the idea that various systems (e.g. physical, biological, social) should be viewed as wholes, not merely as a collection of parts. Source, amongst others: Jan Christian Smuts and His Doctrine of Holism

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Hermanus/Overstrand is the only city in Africa with The UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy status.  You will experience some exquisite offerings in this award-winning region.