Chardonnay South Africa


The Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley and Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge are not only known for outstanding classically styled Pinot Noir, but for extraordinary, classically styled Chardonnay as well.

This is fitting, given Chardonnay’s ancient genetic relationship with Pinot noir and its natural optimal performance in the same or similar terroir. The Hemel-en-Aarde’s ancient soils and cool maritime growing conditions have proven to be ideal for both varieties.

South Africa overall produces great Chardonnay in a wide range of styles – and Chardonnay is of great value when viewed in an international context. But probably nowhere in South Africa are a greater number of Chardonnays produced that have gained as much international recognition from the world’s sommeliers and fine wine lovers, than the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley region. While production is small, the international and local impact has been significant. Photo by Nicole Du Toit

Imagine for a moment that you are one quiet minuscule baby grape on a baby bunch of grapes. Your name is Divine Chardonnay, cousin of Prince Pinot. You are full of promise, vulnerable yet stoic. You come from excellent genes and hang in a loving environment. Your future looks bright! One day you hope to be an admired elixir in someone’s glass.

You have a long journey to grow and go from there. Soil, Rain, Sun, Moon, clouds, wind, temperature and tending will all influence your future before you reach maturity. 

Then, in your prime, you are harvested and an entirely new chapter of your life begins to unfold. The hands and surfaces you will touch, the motions you will experience, the processes of transformation you will enjoy or endure before you will eventually if you are lucky and good enough, make it into the glass of a loving, savouring admirer. “

Intro to the Creation wines Return to nature menu – but so appropriate regarding the structures of magnificent wines grown, nurtured and showcased at this International Chardonnay day.

Spookfontein Architecture
Definitely deserving of a passionate mention! 
The magnificent & inspired architecture of the restaurant, tasting venue and cellar at Spookfontein is eye-pleasing and bold yet gentle.

With its curved organic design, constructed extensively from natural materials, architect DJ Carr ensured the cellar would not intrude on nature but embrace it. An extra special mention of the bathroom facilities too, creatively and beautifully done!

DJ Carr has also been featured on the cover of ELLE Magazine for his Hemelhuis design. #Justsaying : ) 

The Spookfontein Restaurant is outstanding!  Prompt and friendly service delivers excellent dishes even when filled to the brim. The food, wine and view definately put this restaurant on the A list of recommended experiences in the Overberg and South Africa. 

Gallery of photos of the International Chardonay Day Celebrations at Spookfontein