Creation Wines Winter Menu – The Journey of Discovery ~ A Culinary Adventure

A Culinary Adventure

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The structure and foundation of true BRILLIANCE and BEAUTY can only be born from its essence: Wonderment, Love and Respect for Nature & Life.

This is evident and radiated yet again in the Winter Menu at Creation Wines, inspired by years of deep study, interest, and understanding and enhanced by the inspiring beautiful glass art of Red Hot Glass. It is only possible to enigmatically play this alluring symphony of such ‘tutti’ with the vibrant passionately soulful intent, interpretation, implementation and execution of Carolyn and her team.

We all start life as clear and untainted as the figurines in this magnificent piece of art. Then life, experience, circumstances and perceptions influence us to form our individualities, peculiarities, characters and self-perception as singular and alone, even lonely, separating us from our deeper essence. At some beautiful point of insight, we come back to the knowing that we are all in this beautiful game of life together. All in the same boat. We start losing our dividing self-centred interests and truly start striving to serve the whole toward thriving – together. The ethos of Creation Wines is a shining example of this beautiful intent. 

Carolyn Martin: “Just as glass symbolises the transient
nature of existence and the inevitability of change, consider how a wine’s flavours transform as it breathes, or how a dish’s taste profile changes as it cools down. Glass reflects light, just as wine reflects the terroir where the grapes were grown. In glass art, harmony is achieved through the interplay of light, shadow and form. Similarly, harmony and balance are required in wine and food pairing. At Creation, we craft our menus with care and precision, just as a glassblower shapes molten glass into art.”

The authenticity of the Creation Wines ethos in live-action is a most spectacular experience.

On the journey of discovery this menu takes us, the exceptional balance of sensory experiences of each combination of flavours, textures and sensations soothes and excites the palate into submission! The mind goes quiet as it cannot resist just flowing with the gentle synchronistic elegant energies of it all.  There is enormous mindful genius behind conducting such an experience. It is like being awake in a delightful, delicious culinary dream – but it is real, healthy, energising and life-affirming. (See Exploring The Senses)  For more information and to book your Body & Soul Soothing experience, click on

The Creation Winter Journey & The New Exhibition: The Journey by Red Hot Glass

Pure Poetry of form,
light and colour.

‘The Journey’ is our voyage of discovery through the captivating world of art glass. It symbolises the transient nature of existence and the inevitability of change. It reflects the passage of time and resonates with our innate desire for exploration, progress and fulfilment.

In ‘The Journey’ you will see pieces that reflect the duality of life: light and shadow, chaos and harmony, fragility and strength. It reflects how we interpret our world and transform it into glass.

Glass is an incredible material to work with. It is totally unforgiving and demands 100% concentration and focus. In addition, it takes many years to understand and become skilled in managing this most challenging material. Yet, through these challenges, one learns the joy of a material that is magical and has such unique qualities in its ability to absorb and reflect light.

 The Creation Winter Journey

1.     Transience and Change:
○  Just as glass art symbolises the transient nature of existence and change, so too do wine and food experiences evolve over time, through seasons, with local produce and culture. Consider how a wine’s flavours transform as it breathes, or how a dish’s taste profile changes as it cools down. Embrace this journey of winter flavours and textures.
2.     Harmony and Balance:
○   In glass art, harmony is achieved through the interplay of light, shadow and form. Similarly, harmony and balance are required in wine and food pairing. The wine should complement the dish —whether it’s an elegant Chardonnay paired with our B’Bos trout, or a medium-bodied Pinot Noir paired with springbok, our favourite and most refined South African venison. The delicate flavour of this lean meat calls for a wine revered for its complexity, versatility and finesse.
3. Fragility and Strength:

○ Glass is strong in its fragility. Similarly, certain wine and food pairings require delicacy and finesse. For instance, a delicate fish will be overwhelmed by a robust red wine, whereas a light white wine can enhance its flavours.

4. Reflection and Exploration:

○ Glass reflects light, just as wine reflects the terroir where the grapes were grown. At Creation, you can explore different grape cultivars and winemaking techniques, as well as site-specific wines from individual vineyards or pockets within a vineyard, such as our Reserve wines, Art of Creation, or Emma and Glenn Series. Each bottle tells a unique story, much like a glass art piece.

5.     Pure Poetry of Flavour:

○ Just as glass captures light, wine captures the essence of a vineyard. Sip a well-crafted wine and let its flavours unfold – a poetic journey on your palate – and then enhance the experience by pairing it with food.

6. Pairing Suggestions:
○  Chardonnay: Like beautifully blown glass, Chardonnay can be both delicate and intense. Pair it with creamy dishes such as our Trout, Leek, Wild Garlic and Caviar dish.

○  Pinot Noir: This grape variety is elegant and expressive. Its intricate details resemble those in glass art. It pairs beautifully with springbok or mushrooms yet is also versatile enough to go with white meat or plant-based dishes, such as our Cauliflower, Celeriac, Peas, and King Oyster Mushroom dish.

Fine Cape Vintage: The rich, nutty flavours of the chocolate torte call for a wine that complements and does not overpower, with fruitiness to balance the richness, and a tannin structure that harmonises with the torte and coffee. The zesty citrus and cardamom create a captivatingly bright contrast.

Remember, just as glass art invites interpretation, wine and food pairing is subjective. The good news (and what makes Creation Wine and Food Journeys special) is that you eat sequentially to keep your blood sugar level low and your energy high. 

Our menus are checked by our integrated medicine specialist and are based on Ayurvedic principles to make sure you feel good. Trust your palate, explore, and enjoy the journey!

A Warm Welcome to Creation’s Innovation Hub!

At Creation, our guests play an integral role in our success. Just as our dedicated team members contribute to our achievements, so too are your ideas and suggestions invaluable in enhancing your experience.

Here are some key points that highlight our commitment to excellence:
1.   Local Ingredients for Fine Wines and Food:

○  We recognise that quality ingredients are essential for creating delectable dishes to go with our exceptional wines.

○  Over 80% of our ingredients are sourced locally. This deliberate choice ensures the freshest produce while positively impacting both the environment and the local economy.

2.     Inspired by Nature and Innovation:

○  Our ethos revolves around working in harmony with nature. It’s this very inspiration that fuels our creativity and innovation.

○  Just as a glassblower shapes molten glass into art, we craft our offerings with care and precision.

3.     A Culinary Journey for Flexitarians:

○    While 80% of our menu celebrates plant-based delights, we also feature the finest local fish, free-range lamb, and sustainably sourced beef, game and poultry.

○   For those seeking an entirely plant-based experience, our exquisitely flavourful and nutritious menu awaits.

4.     Our Senses, Portals to the Mind:

 Our senses serve as pathways to the mind and deeper understanding. Let’s explore them.

Sensory System:


  1. Visual input (sight): We see through our eyes. Like savouring a beautiful landscape, our eyes feast on the visual delights around us. They take in rays of light that create tiny pictures on the back of our eyeballs. Our brain interprets the signals it receives from the eyeball and tells us what we are looking at.
  2. Gustatory input (taste): Ah, the ultimate pleasure! Our tongues discern flavours, from the fresh and complex characteristics of our Chardonnay to the velvety textures of our Pinot Noir. Our taste cells react to food and beverages. They tell us about flavours, texture and temperature. They are clustered in the mouth, tongue and throat and each receives specific tastes – salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami (savoury), as well as calcium and magnesium.
  3. Tactile input (touch): Whether it’s the cool touch of a wine glass or the warmth of our fireplace, our skin absorbs sensations. Our tactile system helps us to understand the important sensations of pressure, texture, hot and cold, and pain. This includes discriminating between light touch and firm touch, and textures from dry to wet and messy. Our tactile system is also associated with bonding and relationships.
  4. Hearing input (auditory): The gentle ebb and flow of the ocean or the clinking of glasses sounds nourish our ears. We receive auditory input through our ears to gauge whether sounds are important or just part of our everyday life, as well as where they come from, how close they are, and whether we’ve heard them before.
  5. Olfactory input (smell): The sensory receptors in our nose pick up information about the odours around us. They pass that information along a nerve channel to the brain. The power of smell cannot be underestimated. It is strongly linked to emotion and memory (neurobiological) and can therefore even trigger unexpected trauma reactions.
  6. Vestibular input (balance): These receptors are in the inner ear and stimulation occurs through any change in position, direction or movement of the head. Vestibular input contributes to our sense of body position in space, posture and muscle tone, the maintenance of a stable visual field, bilateral coordination, a sense of equilibrium/balance and gravitational awareness.
  7. Proprioceptive input (movement): This system is in our muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint receptors. It tells us where our body is in space and detects and controls force and pressure. It helps us to feel grounded and know where we are and what we are doing.
  8. Interoceptive input (internal): Sometimes called the hidden sense, the interoceptive system gives us the ability to feel what is happening inside our body. It plays a role in influencing emotions and sense of well-being and detects changes in our internal state. These include hunger and fullness, thirst, body temperature, heart and breathing rates, social touch, muscle tension, itchiness, nausea, sleepiness and more.
So, let’s connect the dots—between nature, innovation and your senses—as we embark on a culinary adventure together.


REHYDRATE: Warm Fennel Water, Fresh Fennel Leaf 

Wellness: Fennel aids digestion as it is rich in Vit B -6 which plays a role in energy metabolism by breaking down carbohydrates and proteins in glucose and amino acids. Minerals like potassium, selenium and zinc found in fennel help treat skin ailments such as acne rashes and dryness.

Fennel water keeps you hydrated, which supports weight loss and an overall sense of

well-being. Enjoy the soothing effects of Fennel Water and its positive impact on your health. 

Wine: Creation Sauvignon Blanc – Minerality Rules!

Alluring aromas of elderflower, papaya, cassis, passion fruit and kumquat. On the palate, clean minerality rules.

Watercress and Parsnip Soup
Chef: Jodie Glasgow
Ingredients: Watercress, Parsnip, Cumin Oil, Parsley Bratzeli

Sensorial Elements: Vine Leaves picked from Pinot Noir block to make Vine Cups. Breathing (sigh at the table).

Pairing Note:

○  Watercress: With its dark green leaves and peppery bite, watercress becomes milder when cooked. It adds freshness and complexity to the soup.

○  Parsnips: Parsnips bring sweetness and depth/earthiness to the dish.

○  Cumin Oil: The fragrant cumin oil adds warmth and spice, elevating the overall   flavour profile.

○  Parsley Bratzeli: This wafer-thin traditional Swiss cookie symbolises the communion of wine and food pairing.

Wellness: Green vegetables are high in Vitamin K, which is great for the heart, and Folate, which is good for regulating the nervous system. 


Wine: Creation Viognier – Vivaldi in a Glass

Joyful and vivacious with pertinent peach snuggling up to the secret subtleties of ripe pear.

 Agedashi Tofu, Vegan Dashi, Crispy Ginger

Chef: Siphenkosi Sikele

 Sensorial Element: The Texture of Silk.

Pairing Note:

o   Creation Viognier: This fresh, cool-climate wine has more natural acidity than most Viogniers. It also has white floral notes of Cape jasmine and a flavour profile of white peaches and cream, which work with many foods, including Japanese-inspired dishes.

o   Agedashi Tofu: The silken tofu is a match made in heaven with the creamy texture of the wine.

o   Crispy Ginger: The high notes of the crispy ginger add frisson and vibrancy. This is both a horizontal and a vertical pairing in terms of the freshness of the wine cutting through the creaminess of the tofu.

Wellness: From respiratory problems to heartburn, ginger is a miracle worker! 


Wine: Creation Reserve Chardonnay – ABC (Absolutely Brilliant Chardonnay)

A single-vineyard wine. Vibrant grapefruit and fragrant apple with a hint of honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Dish: Trout, Leeks, Radish, Wild Garlic, Caviar

Fennel Bulbs, Leeks, Radish, Wild Garlic

Chef: Jaco Snyman

Sensorial Element: Neural Association with the Ocean. Imagine breathing to the ebb and flow of the tide to heighten your perception of the wine’s salinity. Then take out your ‘shell-phone’ to experience Smelling in Stereo: breathe through your nose onto the black screen to see the condensation showing the difference in airflow between your right and left nostrils. Then place the wine glass on the septum of your nose to identify the floral and fruity high notes on the side where there is higher airflow and the base notes of spice and earthiness on the other side.

Pairing Notes

o   Creation Chardonnay: Although Chardonnay can be made in a range of styles, from crisp and unoaked to rich and buttery, Creation Chardonnay has a balanced profile, showing a touch of oak but maintaining freshness.

o   Grilled trout: The wine’s acidity complements the fish’s flavours, while the buttery notes enhance its richness.

o   Leeks: Leeks belong to the Allium family (like onions, garlic, and shallots). They have a mild onion flavour with a slight vegetal quality, and they pair well with wines that complement their sweetness and texture.

o   Wild Garlic: Wild garlic (also known as ramps) has a pungent, garlicky flavour. It must be paired with wines that can handle its intensity, yet do not overpower it.

o   Trout Caviar: Caviar’s brininess calls for a dry, crisp white wine. Thanks to its minerality, Creation Chardonnay is a classic choice.

Pairing Note:

o   Fennel Bulbs: Fennel bulbs have a mild liquorice flavour with a sweet, slightly grassy freshness. The roasted fennel adds a sweet, caramelised flavour that pairs beautifully with Creation Chardonnay.

o   Leeks: Sliced and sautéed in a large skillet until softened, the leeks complement the fennel’s sweetness and add depth to the dish.

o   Radish: Radishes provide a peppery crunch and vibrant colour when trimmed, sliced and added to the roasting pan with the fennel.

o   Wild Garlic: With its pungent, garlicky flavour, wild garlic can be intense. Use sparingly to avoid overpowering the delicate flavours of the other ingredients (pairing with Creation’s very lightly oaked Chardonnay also helps to avoid this).

Wellness: Leeks have anti-inflammatory properties while fennel bulbs aid digestion, and radish and wild garlic act as immune boosters and natural antibiotics. 


 Wine: Reserve Pinot Noir – Prince Charming

 Utterly enchanting, a shiny pomegranate seed red. Complex velvety texture, spice and perfume. The Prince of Reds at his most charming.

Dish: Springbok, Celeriac, Pea, Goat’s Milk Cheese, Chocolate Jus

Chef: George Heunis

Cauliflower, Celeriac, King Oyster, Cashew Cheese, Jus

Chef: Jaco Wheeler

Sensorial Element: Red Velvet and Perfume of Wine: touch red velvet and silk for a texture comparison tasting, then (like experiencing a perfume) discover the wine’s high notes, base notes and heart notes. Pinot Noir is all about texture and aroma, and the Creation Pinot with its lush aromas, deep red colour with violet hues, velvety tannins and delicate berry fruit notes is sheer luxury with both these dishes.

Pairing Note: Let’s explore the delightful combination of Springbok, Celeriac, Pea, Goat’s Milk Cheese, and Chocolate Jus paired with Pinot Noir.

o   Springbok: This lean, flavourful, slightly gamey meat harmonises beautifully with Pinot Noir’s earthy and fruity profile. The wine’s silky tannins don’t overpower the meat, while its acidity cuts through any richness.

o   Celeriac (Celery Root): This root vegetable has a mild celery flavour and a hint of nuttiness. Roasting or mashing it brings out its earthy notes. Its texture and subtle taste complement the Pinot Noir’s elegance.

o   Peas: Fresh peas add sweetness and vibrancy to the dish. Blanched briefly to retain their bright green colour and natural sweetness, they provide a refreshing contrast to the richness of the other components.

o   Goat’s Milk Cheese: A classic match with Pinot Noir thanks to its tangy and creamy qualities.

o   Chocolate Jus: Made using beef or game stock, red wine and dark chocolate, this savoury reduction adds depth and richness, complementing the wine’s nuanced flavours.

o   Cauliflower and Celeriac: Roasted Cauliflower and celeriac (celery root) make a wonderful alternative to potatoes.

o   King Oyster Mushrooms: In a stir-fry with cashews, king oyster mushrooms are soft and rich, with a savoury flavour.

o   Peas: Fresh peas add sweetness and vibrancy to the dish. Blanched briefly to retain their bright green colour and natural sweetness, they provide a refreshing contrast to the richness of the other components.

o   Cashew Cheese: Used as a topping or incorporated into the dish for added depth, cashew cheese provides creaminess and richness.

o   Chocolate Jus: Made using beef or game stock, red wine and dark chocolate, this savoury reduction adds depth and richness, complementing the wine’s nuanced flavours.

Wellness: Game meat is much leaner than meat from domesticated animals, which are fed mainly on cereal products (Viljoen, 1999). Springbok is rich in essential amino acids; it also has a low energy and cholesterol profile.


Wine: Creation Syrah, Grenache – Oh So Umami …

A well-endowed Rhône-style blend with intense flavours of ripe plum, black pepper and tapenade.

Dish: Bone Marrow, Bone Marrow Broth, Cape Seed Loaf, Capers, Lemon, Thyme, Shiitake, Mushroom Duxelle, Vegetable Broth, Cape Seed Loaf
Chef: Ralmond Fortuin

Sensorial Element: Interoception is the feeling of satisfaction and well-being when enjoying this healing broth. The dish is paired with our cool-climate Syrah-Grenache blend for an exciting play on textures and flavours.

Pairing Note: 

o   Bone Marrow: Bone marrow has a savoury umami flavour and is very buttery and creamy due to its high content of healthy fat. The freshness of the wine cuts through the richness.

o   Shiitake Mushrooms: These mushrooms are similarly prized for their savoury taste and richness, cut through by the freshness of the wine. The wine tannins also provide structure, ensuring the pairing remains balanced.

Wellness: Bone marrow is full of collagen, for bone and skin health, and rich in glucosamine, which helps relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation. Ideally, it should be consumed as a broth twice a week for the full health benefits. Similarly, shiitake mushrooms have long been used in health supplements. Containing many of the same amino acids as meat, they are a powerful source of vitamins and minerals, not to mention many polysaccharides, terpenoids, sterols and lipids with immune-boosting, cholesterol-lowering and anti-cancer effects.  


Wine: Creation Fine Cape Vintage – Sweet Temptation!
Imagine the lure of honeyed fruit, a hint of black cherry, the lingering reward of anise…

Dish: Chocolate and Hazelnut Torte, Coffee, Orange

Avocado Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse, Coffee, Orange

Chef: Amber Brose

Fine Cape Vintage is slightly chilled (around 13°C/55°F) to enhance its flavours.

Sensorial Element: A harmonious dance of flavours. The Creation Fine Cape Vintage is a delightful Port-style wine, offering a well-balanced sweetness beautifully lifted by crisp fruitiness. Take small sips in between bites to appreciate the interplay of tastes.

Pairing notes:

o   Chocolate and hazelnut: Rich and nutty, both desserts call for a wine that complements without overpowering. The Fine Cape Vintage’s sweetness enhances the chocolate and hazelnut notes, while the fruitiness balances the richness.

o Coffee Gelato: Coffee and Port have a natural affinity. The wine’s ripe fruit flavours harmonise with the coffee’s roasted depth, while its sweetness softens any bitterness. The wine also shares a velvety texture with the gelato.

Orange Cardamom Gel: The zesty brightness of orange and the warm spice of cardamom create a captivating contrast. The Fine Cape Vintage’s fruit-forward character plays off the citrus, and its sweetness embraces the aromatic cardamom.

Wellness: An elevated dessert experience, with layer upon layer of complexity and joy. Cheers to a memorable pairing!

Guests are free to swop menu items to some of the  à la carte menu items

Creation à la carte menu


Creation Sauvignon Blanc – Minerality rules!

Watercress and Parsnip Soup

Creation Viognier Vivaldi in a Glass

Agedashi Tofu

Creation Reserve Chardonnay – Absolutely Brilliant Chardonnay

Roasted Cauliflower, Mustard, Cauliflower Snow, Dukkah

Creation Reserve Chardonnay – Absolutely Brilliant Chardonnay

Trout, Leeks, Radish, Wild Garlic, Caviar

Creation Syrah Grenache – Oh So Umami…

Bone Marrow, Broth, Capers, Lemon, Cape Seed Loaf

Creation Syrah, Grenache – Oh So Umami…

Shiitake, Mushroom Duxelle, Broth, Cape Seed Loaf


Creation Reserve Chardonnay – Absolutely Brilliant Chardonnay

Coq Au Chardonnay

Creation Reserve Pinot Noir – Red Velvet

Springbok, Celeriac, Pea, Goat’s Milk Cheese, Jus

Creation Reserve Pinot Noir – Red Velvet

Lamb Knuckle Rendang, Cauliflower Rice, Cabbage

Creation Reserve Chardonnay – Absolutely Brilliant Chardonnay

Vegetable Rendang, Cauliflower Rice, Cabbage

Creation Syrah, Grenache – Oh So Umami…

Beef Fillet, Confit Potato, Gremolata


Creation Elation – Pure Joy

Poached Pear, Mousse, Coconut, Port

Creation Elation – Pure Joy

Cape Suzette, Apple, Orange, Almond

Creation Fine Cape Vintage – Sweet Temptation


Selection of Gelato/Sorbet

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