A breath of french air by JAN Hendrik van der Westhuizen South Africa's first Michelin Star Chef.

JAN Hendrik van der Westhuizen South Africa’s first Michelin Star Chef.

The first of 5 Recipes from the book A Breath of French Air by Michelin Star Chef JAN Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Extracted from JAN – A Breath of French Air by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen (Struik Lifestyle)

I will endeavour to enlighten you how deeply I admire JAN Hendrik van der Westhuizen as our first South African Michelin Star chef. Also see Restaurant JAN and read JAN Hendrik van der Westhuizen’s newsletters.

It is said that the National Sport of Belgium is Eating…it rains a LOT. I lived in the beautiful Belgium for four years, frequently travelled to all neighboring countries,  learned a little French, drank copious amounts of fantastical monk-made beers and local wines and ate a lot of really, really superbly prepared food! Memories of “Les routes gastronomiquese” around Brussels, Strasbourg, Alsace, Paris etc. are painfully wonderful. The type of meals that make one close your teary eyes, listen to the subtle flavour-music, smear whatever is on your tongue against your pallet, hold it, breathe over it, swallow a morsel at a time and laugh and weep with wonder and joy. Indescribable!

During my stay I used to buy the Michelin Restaurant Guides every year and became obsessed with Michelin Star awarded restaurants. For a Chef to earn a star is a million times bigger than becoming the Captain of the Springboks Rugby team (sorry – I am a little at a loss as to what to compare the enormous fame and importance of a Michelin star in Europe with.) It is bigger than the success of our beloved Oscar winning Charlise Theron. It is more important than winning an election. It is the biggest seal of approval on the planet – and it has to be maintained – unlike winning a Nobel Prize for past efforts. Our JAN is a true Superhero!

If you are still reading – you have earned to get 1 magnificent scrumptious Michelin Star Recipe each month over the next five months (Watch this space!) and to  learn about the fantastic competition to visit France and eat at JAN

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A breath of french air by JAN Hendrik van der Westhuizen South Africa's first Michelin Star Chef.

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