Romney Park Apartment Hotel Cape Town

Travelling with the very discerning daughter of an architect, our arrival at Romney Park of The Stay Collection was marked by our en-route discussion of some hideous use of prime land. Littering the streetscape of the once homely neighbourhood of Greenpoint with unemotional buildings barren of aesthetic soul. Luckily still interrupted by stately old homes and really great modern architecture. We were still lamenting this when we drove into Romney Road. 

At that moment she looked to the right and exclaimed. Oh! Look at this beauty! Our souls and eyes were soothed with the vision of the Romney Park Apartment Hotel. #TrueStory! 

The treasure and pleasure did not stop there! From the front entrance through to the friendly reception. On, via our security code opening garage. Up the elevator and into our unit. The aesthetics and calming home-coming feeling persisted and bore multiple jubilating children. 

That quiet type of peace-orgasm that just keeps on giving. Nothing over the top. Down-to-earth stylish elegance. Everywhere. It is deeply soothing to the eye, mind and general wellbeing. 

We absolutely had that warm-hearted feeling one gets when visiting a dear travelling friend’s home who left us the keys and a bottle of excellent wine with a note saying:  “WELCOME Darlings – EnJoY!!!

Heartfelt congratulations to Susan Versfeld and her team for running Romney Park with such visible down-to-earth excellence.

It is a deep pleasure and most inspiring to experience true excellence. Unlike impersonal precision like many top-notch places, one can see and feel the warm heart behind the ‘sceptre’ at Romney Park.

It is super refreshing. Thank you and well done! 

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Romney Park, a historical 5-star hotel, has been refurbished into 26 luxurious sectional-title apartments where modern interiors meet traditional architecture. 

Situated on the highly sought-after Atlantic Seaboard, these spacious apartments are ideal for owners seeking private and secure Cape Town living. 

Romney Park has a reputation for excellence, making it an ideal choice for buy-to-live, or for investment income via a variety of rental options. Our on-site professional management team also offers assistance with short- or long-term rentals on your behalf.

1 Bedroom Apartments x 10
2 Bedroom Apartments x 9
3 Bedroom Apartments x 4
Deluxe Apartments x 3

Very few of these superbly managed 2 and 3-bedroom luxury apartments are still available for purchase.  

Some owners live here permanently, but most have theirs on the Stay Collection portfolio for long or short-term accommodation. VAT Included @ 15%  / No Transfer Duty Payable