Beauty products South Africa

Beauty Products South Africa

Help your skin with some inspiring beauty products

Our skin is our largest organ and the first one to show signs of aging. Taking good care of our skins and what we use on it really makes a difference. There are wonderful beauty products to help and inspire us.

Skin Care

Gentle cleansing, exfoliation and facial masks can stimulate the lovely work done by the Collagen in your skin to prepare the skin to receive the soothing moisturiser and fresh makeup seamlessly. 

If you have always wanted a different eye colour, now you can have it! Be Blue-eyed, green-eyed, match your outfit or your mood. You can buy coloured contact lenses. 

coloured contacts

Honeysuckle Beauty Products South Africa


The Vichy View

Vichy, located in the heart of France, is renowned as the city with 15 thermal springs. Since ancient times, these thermal springs have been famous for their medicinal properties. Today, the Thermal Spa Water is used to help relieve dermatological conditions and diseases such as eczema, acne, rosacea, purities, nettle rash, erythema and many more.

To help each person optimize their skin’s health based on an in-depth understanding of its physiological mechanisms to better control and stimulate them.

Hypoallergenic products with Vichy Thermal Spa Water.
Manufactured according to strict principles in line with the pharmaceutical industry.
Effectiveness that’s tested under dermatological supervision.

The main anti-aging ingredients used are that of Pro-Xylane (an anti-aging and hydrating element) and Isobioline (similar ingredient to collagen). Retinol is also used in its Reti-C Intensive Corrective Care and Reti-C Eyes Intensive Corrective Care products. At Vichy, we believe that skin health is the safest, most effective and most advanced path for achieving true, more visible and sustained beauty. Our products are affordable and of excellent quality, a rare combination in the million dollar beauty and skincare industry. Another major plus is the availability of a wide range of products. Due to this, Vichy has products that are suitable for just about any skin type, oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin. Vichy Laboratories has renewed its commitment to skin protection and have launched our new sun protecting range, Capital Soleil, protecting the skin against UV damage right down to the stem cells offering you up to SPF 50 protection for adults and children, face and body.

Available at selected Pharmacies.