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As always, Creation Wines are at the forefront of the bid to UNESCO for Hermanus to become South Africa’s first UNESCO City of Gastronomy

It is no wonder either that the world renowned wine connoisseur, Tim Atkins, awarded more than 10 of Creation’s Wines more than 90 points. No other winery in South Africa earned such high scores on so many of their wines. 

Even the Master of wine, Greg Sherwood, compared Creation Wines’ innovative approach to wine making to the brilliance that brought peace to the world by ending World War II in his article “Cracking The Enigma Code of Great Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in South Africa…”

These accolades follow in the wake of Creation featuring among the 50 top international wineries at the 2019 World’s Best Vineyards (WBV) awards. Over 1 500 nominated wineries from a total of 17 countries were represented and the winners were chosen by a prestigious international voting academy.

Creation was one of only three South African wineries to qualify for the top 50 “World’s Best Vineyards 2019” list and the youngest by far! 

And now for an exciting and truly unique 6-course taste adventure.

Heritage Story of Creation:  Artfully paired with award-winning Creation wines, each of these dishes serve to highlight the food-friendly, versatile nature of a specific cultivar or blend – bringing pleasure to the palate and joy to the table. Professionally presented by our knowledgeable hosts, each course or chapter also reveals the passion of the Creation team.
6-course pairing with 8 wines R695.00

Chapter 1: Creation Sensation

Creation Sauvignon Blanc 2019    
glass/R32.00 bottle/R125.00

Star-bright with alluring aromas of elderflower, papaya, cassis, passion fruit and kumquat. On the palate clean minerality rules. Opens up to echo the generosity on the nose, leading to a refreshing hint of lemon zest.

Creation Wines Heritage Menu
Sensorial Tasting
Sautéed Abalone with Capers, Red Onion, Lemon, Spring Onion, Garlic, Kelp, Samphire

Chapter 2: Creation Celebration

Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon 2018
glass/R41.00 bottle/R165.00

An invigorating salty bouquet, reminiscent of the fresh sea breezes caressing the vineyards, flesh tropical flavours from the Sauvignon Blanc and the lovely lanolin-like character from the Semillon. A distinctive, terroir-expressive Bordeaux-style white.

Chapter 3: Creation Dedication

Creation Reserve Chardonnay 2018         glass/R78.00 bottle/R310.00

Grown in a single vineyard, vibrant aromas of fresh grapefruit and fragrant apple mingle with a hint of honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon. These are echoed on the oh-so-clean and pure palate where buttery nuances are beautifully balanced by the characteristic Creation minerality as a hallmark of freshness and finesse.

Coconut Poached Line-fish, Banana Leaf, Apricot Masala Salsa

Lamb Loin, Star Anise Poached Pear, Polenta, Goat’s Milk Cheese, Parmesan, Chives

Chapter 4: Creation Ovation

Creation Reserve Pinot Noir 2018
glass/R90.00 bottle/R360.00

Gleaming garnet with a bouquet of spice – peppercorn and clove – supplemented by a delicate whiff of dried apricot. Smooth and complex on the palate: layers of dried fruit mingle with raspberry, cherry and piquant spice.

Chapter 5: Creation Generations

Creation Syrah, Grenache 2018
glass/R53.00 bottle/R210.00

Alluring aromas of ripe black olive elegantly complemented by whiffs of pepper. A well-endowed, full-bodied Rhone-style blend with intense flavours of ripe plum, black pepper, tapenade and umami.

Springbok Shank, Waterblommetjie, Samp Purée, Jus
Malva, Apricot, Orange, Popcorn Crumb, Custard, English Daisy

Chapter 6: Creation Inspiration

Creation Viognier 2019 
glass/R33.00 bottle/R135.00

Forthcoming on the nose with peach snuggling up to the subtleties of ripe pear. Resonance on the smooth palate with apricot adding another dimension, blending seamlessly with crisp minerality and well-integrated natural acidity.

The peaceful view over the beautiful garden, sculptures and efficient, truly warm and friendly staff at Creation sets the scene for one to exhale, relax and enjoy. If that did not do it for you, the gentle and persistent onslaught of culinary delights and fabulous wines will!
I will be back! Many times!

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