Hein Stirred Recipes & Photos

"An aptitude for detail and the inability to completely smother my passions have shaped my life"

About Hein

“At 44 I was ticking along nicely with my own bookkeeping business but yearned for a creative outlet. I tried many different things. I got given a camera before a trip to New York, and photography emerged as the perfect partner to my life-long affair with food. I did an entry level photography course at the Cape Town School of Photography and started taking pictures for my blog. They were terrible. I invested in an expensive weekend-long food styling and photography workshop with Russel Wasserfall and Samantha Linsell. Afterwards, I was determined to make every cent count and committed to blogging once a week. Russel also said something very important to us that weekend, that I carry with me every day.” Read more about Hein Stirred…