Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery

A down to earth haute experience at Klein Roosboom

This delightful Boutique Winery in Durbanville, Cape town, sets a sweet tone of relaxing elegance. 

Good food. Great Wine. Fabulous ambience.

As a working farm, winery and restaurant it is down to earth with its very own quirky, funky, unique and authentic stylish class. 

The cellar with its individual magical wine tasting caves, some still showing its shiny tartaric acid deposits on the walls and others have lines that show the wine levels of days gone by. 

Each cave sports its own eclectic interior and provides a private space for small groups to lose themselves in time, wine and recline. 


Friendly, efficient and excellent service always plays a huge role in the success and enjoyment of any encounter.  Jean Restaurant nails this. Not overbearing, not missing in action, just delightfully on time with great offerings. 

The Wine Caves ~ A Grand Parnassus Dream