What young men need to know about testicular and prostate cancer

Testicular and prostate cancer ~ Movember ~ Creation Wines did it once again!

Movember in the Moverberg was celebrated in fantastic style and with such beautiful people! Men who are intelligent and brave enough to want to learn more about testicular and prostate cancer.

Make a note in your 2018 Diary! Your palette and prostate ( and your loved ones) will thank you!

In line with Creation’s ethos of constant innovation, the team has introduced an exciting new Brunch Pairing Menu comprising five of its award-winning wines, each matched with a delectable dish. As always, the execution was fantastical! (Look at the photos as visual proof – but it really involved all the senses!)

To be honest, I was invited by brilliant Media Mogul Dieter Odendaal (Thank you!) and I went there for the food, wine and the hope to learn how many men are brave enough to ‘go there’ about their prostate health. I mean, I Do like men who are intelligent enough to care about their Cojones … in a …er ..uhm … medical approach. Thank God mine is in my head. No manual examination necessary.

None of the quests disappointed. The food was sublime, the wine from heaven and the guys who ‘went there’ were interesting, entertaining and highly intelligent!

What I did not expect was to be informed, enlightened and enthralled by an unassuming, humble, beautiful young father in the person of urologist Dr. Dries van den Heever! 

The information about the very young ages boys and men should already look out for testicular and prostate cancer flabbergasted me!

The mood of the gathering was very lighthearted and fun-filled and it ever so elegantly masked these serious issues. I loved how the setting enabled the opening up for people to ask questions and raise concerns which every person carrying a pair of testicles should be aware of but would rarely have the opportunity to ask, especially from a professional. The setting was perfect and the classy mirth, shared interest and gentle atmosphere shed essential light and raised awareness.

Personally I think it is incredible value for money to be able to mask your fears, get to talk to a superior specialist and for less than his consulting fees also get excellent food, wine, good company and hilariously soothing jokes included.

If you have a ‘pear’ – Go! If your partner has a pear – take him! If you don’t have a pear – grow some! Just Do It … it could save a life! #Cojones #Health

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