Wildebraam Berry Season

The Berry picking season is every November and December.

A few of my favourite things…..

December in Swellendam is a time for many of our favourite things! Gardens are awash with the gorgeous colours and scents of beautiful summer roses, from the purest ice-berg whites to the deepest reds. October in the Hermitage Valley bursts forth with a snow field of rose like flowers on the hectares of berry orchards. Not too surprising, if you know that our youngberries and blackberries are indeed plants of the genus Rubus, and in fact, are part of the the rose family (Rosaceae)!

In Swellendam’s case, December is the perfect “time to stop and smell the roses!” Our unique members of the rose family are in full fruit and youngberry and blackberry bushes are hanging heavy with delicious juicy berries. Berry season will continue until late Dec and all and sundry are invited to join us at Wildebraam Mondays to Sundays to “pick their own” or simply to purchase pre-picked berries. Of course, there are no holds barred with our decadent smoothies, berry cheesecake, cheese platters and aromatic filter coffee following your escapades.

To celebrate the berry season, Wildebraam is hosting our annual Berry Festival on Saturday 3 December! Entertainment will take the form of live sophisticated jazz, arts and craft stalls, deli tastings and berry picking. Kiddies will love the jumping castle, water slide, face painting and tractor rides!

Take the time to stop and “smell the roses” in the berry garden of our beautiful Swellendam!

For further info please contact Natalie Turck at Wildebraam on 028 5143132.

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