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Healthy, wholesome, innovative and inspired meal ideas are always welcome! Whether it has been passed down through centuries or newly discovered, one rule applies: It must be DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS

Here we showcase treasures we came across in many research efforts to steer away from boring or unhealthy choices. We are discerning about what and whom we feature here, so it saves our subscribers and readers hours of sifting through less inspiring videos and articles. EnJoY & Bon Apetit!



Designed and handcrafted in Turkey by Refika Birgul.

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Umami essentially means the balance of all flavours. The essence of deliciousness. You can do it with fresh food and without adding unhealthy MSG.

My own not-so-humble attempts.
Inspired by Rafikadan obove. I made a delicious & nutritious meal for six people at less than R50/pp from Checkers.

Prawns fried for 2 minutes in olive oil, garlic & ginger. Served with cream infused with wasabi, fresh ginger & garlic, lemon juice, lemon rind, salt & pepper. 

Serve as a starter or bulk it up with fried mushrooms served on salad (or rice if you are not into the Keto eating plan).

Andrea from Cuoredicioccolato

Real Italian Recipes by a real Italian.

Andrea shares wonderful recipes step by step and covers from alcohol to dried sausage making. 

His very good English, deliverd with his delightful accent is mesmerizing and his skilful handling of food is a total inspiration. 


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