LoveAbility Functional Arts and Crafts ~ Hawston Hermanus

LoveAbility Functional Arts and Crafts ~ Hawston Hermanus

LoveAbility Functional Arts and Crafts ~ Hawston Hermanus is affiliated to the Overberg Wheelchair Association and it is a group of people with disabilities who create functional art, gifts, crafts and other goodies in support of the disabled community of Hermanus. Find the latest Love Ability updates on Facebook.

Love Ability supports the notion that all people have the capacity to excel in life, even those with disabilities. Their mission is to teach skills to disabled people so that they can support themselves and realise their full potential as functioning members of society.

“Dignity is a basic human right and we ascribe to the right to human dignity held up by the constitution of South Africa.”

LoveAbility Functional Arts and Crafts ~ Hawston Hermanus

You will find very interesting LoveAbility functional arts, crafts and all sorts of beautiful objects made by the enabled team of people with disabilities. (Please look through the images below.) It is triple-worth the feel-good-factor to buy beautiful and interesting gifts and actually give thrice – once for supporting such a worthy cause, secondly by sharing the love by giving it to someone and thirdly by creating awareness of this beautiful community cause.

LoveAbility Functional Arts and Crafts ~ Hawston Hermanus produces soap and room spray from local organic ingredients. The group in charge of the paper mache range uses only recycled materials.  The ceramic team produces a range of badges for a regular order for the Right to Care Aids project. Similar pins have been made for the Democratic Alliance and a municipality initiative in honour of Woman and Children of the community.  They produce ceramic tiles on commission and a range of slip cast items in the pottery studio. Their personalised  mugs are very popular.  They hope to use the studio as a venue for ceramic painting workshops. Once a month their wares are for sale at the Hermanus Country Market.

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Love Ability Hawston Hermanus Community Project ~ Functional Arts & Crafts Love Ability Fantastic, completely waterproof, floor cushions. Love Ability Hawston Hermanus Community Project ~ Functional Arts & Crafts Love Ability Hawston Hermanus Community Project ~ Functional Arts & Crafts Love Ability #piggybankproject Love Ability Soaps Hawston-Hermanus-functional-art-and-crafts_003 Hawston-Hermanus-functional-art-and-crafts_004 Hawston-Hermanus-functional-art-and-crafts_005 Hawston-Hermanus-functional-art-and-crafts_006 Hawston-Hermanus-functional-art-and-crafts_007 Hawston-Hermanus-functional-art-and-crafts_008 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_001 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_002 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_003 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_004 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_005 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_006 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_007 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_008 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_009 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0010 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0011 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0012 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0013 Loveability Hawston Two lovely Dutch tourists, Morgan and William, came to visit. Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0015 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0016 Loveability Hawston Hypertufa pots Loveability Hawston Hypertufa pots Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0019 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0020 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0021 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0022 Loveability_hawston_art-and-crafts_0023 Whales_Hermanus


Love Ability Products

Soaps, lights, mosaic products, garden accessories, magnets, room sprays, Paper Mache range, Garden stepping stones, book ends, hypertufa pots, piñatas, teacup planters with plants, personalised mugs, ceramics including slip cast items in the pottery studio and more.

Our soaps and room sprays are manufactured from organic and locally grown ingredients and we use recycled materials in most of our products.

We have also started a community garden on our premises and hope to feed our members with it and sell the excess at market.

Address & Contact Details

Ability House, St Andrews Church, Church Street 7200 Hawston
073 231 7445 or +27 83 413 1717