Refined sugar and your health

Refined sugar causes and exacerbates more illnesses and deaths than any other ‘acceptable’ food supplement. Read more about hidden sugars in many unsuspected foods and why it is on the same addiction level as nicotine, cocaine and alcohol.

Sugar in fruit: The natural fibre in fruit will fill you up and the digestion process will be slow but you cannot easily eat 12 apples in one sitting but you can drink the juice of 12 apples (one glass) in no time and with the lack of fibre, the body can digest it very quickly, leaving you still feeling ’empty’.

Sugar in food: Apart from adding refined sugar to drinks, meals and sauces yourself, you might be astounded when you really read the labels of what you buy. It is added to bread, biltong, booze … it is everywhere. As the fallacy of the low-fat diets became popular, more and more sugars were added to make processed (low fat) foods more palatable. It is no coincidence that many diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancers rose at the same time as the growing bank balances of pharmaceutical companies treating (not curing) the ill effects of these diet related self-inflicted diseases.

Sugar as food: Refined sugar is sucrose (made up of two simple sugars stuck together; fructose and glucose), the molecule is composed of 12 atoms of carbon, 22 atoms of hydrogen, and 11 atoms of oxygen (C12H22O11). Like all compounds made from these three elements, sugar is a carbohydrate. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate which uses almost no energy to digest, as opposed to complex carbohydrates. The same amount of kilojoules from whole foods or for example protein uses a lot more energy to digest. This obviously means that the same amount of kilojoules from sugar can be digested very quickly and turned into fat, while whole foods will keep you feeling satiated for much longer and use a lot of its own energy value during the digestive process.

Stripped of its natural fibres, sucrose quickly goes to work. It is known that excess Glucose mainly drives fat storage under the skin while excess fructose deposits fat around the organs like the liver which may lead to e.g. insulin resistance and fatty liver disease.

There are thousands of medical research documents on the subject. If you care about your body and what you do to people you feed, please read the updated facts of what a low-fat, high carb diet will do to the body. You might be making people sick, fat, prematurely old and cause death.

Food is not just ‘fuel’! In the first place, it provides nutrition as the building blocks your body uses to grow new cells which form your teeth, hair, brain cells, skin, eyes, nails, etc. Together with oxygen and water, it is all the body gets to build and sustain you and your life with.

“The average body makes about 2 to 3 million red blood cells every second, or about 173 to 259 billion red blood cells per day.” (Source)

Some of the conditions and diseases which refined sugar causes:

Heart Disease
Blood Pressure problems
Weak eyesight
Accelerated ageing
Tooth Decay
Brain Function disorders
Blood Sugar problems
Liver Damage

For more information, please watch these videos and read some of the listed articles.

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