Magents Liberté Brut MCC



Magents Liberte Brut MCC
Magents Liberte Brut MCC


“MCC is better when it is aged. Magents Liberté is a very good MCC” ~  Peter Finlayson

“The smoothest, most balanced South African-produced MCC I have ever tasted !” ~
Champagne Queen Nosy Rosy 

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” — Dom Pérignon

Magents Liberté / MAGENTS LIBERTÉ

Methodé Cap Classique

Welcome to the magents lifestyle

Magents is the oldest Streetwear brand in Afrika. It’s a lifestyle, which now naturally flows into bubbles that were honestly made with love from the day those vines were spoken to, cared for, and the ladies turned those bottles everyday, for seven years. The French told us, you Afrikans may not call it Champagne as it’s not from the Champagne region. So, it’s made in South Africa with the same care and may we add, sometimes better, and this by the patient process called “Methode Cap Classique”, where you get the MCC from.

It should at least stay in the bottle to ferment for 14 months but this Magents Liberté MCC has journeyed way past that, to seven years, before it’s about to dance on your tongue to express and celebrate the Afrikan soil. Our hope is that your mind and heart would understand the significance of what is about to happen to your being. May this love story continue through you, it is not called Liberté for nothing.

We are celebrating with you!

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