January/February 2021 South Africa

Hello Beautiful Brave People!

Welcome to 2021!

May we rule with conscious optimism and gratitude for every breath we breathe. 

Be the one who spreads extra happiness. Be the one who shares extra gratitude. Be the one who serves yourself and humanity with extra joy. Let’s Give Hope, Optimism and Kindness and see how it magically returns to you.

Quiet your analytical mind for a few minutes to help you to become calm. 
Guided thoughts of calmness for an improved state of being. 
It is like “ET phone home”.
English   /   Afrikaans
Just listen, breathe and relax for 10 minutes, science has proven the physiological benefits. 
Many highly successful business people speak of the daily benefits of silencing the mind. 
Just Suspend Disbelief and Judgement for a few minutes,
your newly oxygenated, health-empowered cells will thank you. 

“You could tell she was a free spirit just by looking at her. A smile like that doesn't come from a sad soul.” ~ Nikki Rowe

We are not even talking about Covid or Lockdown. We all know the drill. For the otherwise healthy ones, the fears and uncertainties cause way more harm than the virus. Stress causes all sorts of illnesses and ill at eases. We rather bravely venture forth into 2021! Full steam ahead with a new life where fake news and government shenanigans do not even touch our state of mind anymore! 

Let’s be inspired by some great things to do to embrace life, grow and stay positive, focused and healthy-minded. 

We researched a list of things to do for the passionate improvement of our mindset, ever-evolving brain plasticity, health and income. 

Magnanimous equanimity is the new order of the day, we have a great new appreciation for so many things and are witnessing so many inspiring Random Acts Of Kindness toward ourselves and others. 

As always, we celebrate some of the excellence of the innovative and resourceful endeavours of South Africans who set a positive tone for our beloved rainbow nation. We rock on!

Maybe if we love ourselves healthy we will all heal?”
~ Nikki Rowe

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We receive Very interesting feedback from all over the world!

“Every issue brings me so much joy and nostalgia. Inspiring us for our next trip to South Africa! We save links and make lists of your  ‘best kept secrets and offers’ ; )
Thank you for putting this together so beautifully.” 
~ Dominique from France



“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West

 Nothing will protect us against unhealthy viruses and the effect of the stress the lockdown causes as effectively as minding your mindset and boosting your health and immune system. Read about some easy things you could do to boost your Immune System for now and ever to stay healthy.

Master your mindset, master your life.

Here are some things you could do to become a master of your mindset for brain & heart health, success and happiness. Become free of the premature ageing that stress and stress-related illnesses cause.

Mind your nutrition, master your health

We have been prattling on about the benefits of fermented foods for a very long time. Here are some very simple and quick recipes to give your gut health and immune system a great and fun boost. Even by drinking home made “Fruit Champagne”.

Always Something New From Creation Wines


The Creation Tasting Room will be closed until the alcohol ban is lifted. This is being done to minimise risk and relieve pressure on the healthcare system.

In the spirit of the season of goodwill the Creation Culinary Team decided to prepare a special teatime treat for our local healthcare workers, sending a message of gratitude, appreciation and solidarity. These gluten-free carrot and oatmeal cookies have a super low GI index and are as healthy as they are scrumptious – carrot cake eat your heart out! A big thank you to the generous Hermanus residents who already joined this initiative. Click here for the recipe, should you decide to do the same or simply want to enjoy a healthy treat at home. At the same time we would love you to share your recipes with us! Healthcare workers, we would value any suggestions from you.

“At Creation our glasses remain half full rather than half empty and we will continue to seek new ways of bringing Creation to you. I want to urge you to stay home and stay safe but do connect with us virtually on any of the platforms below.”

Instagram: @creationwines  

Facebook: @creationwines

Twitter: @creationwines 


Catering to your needs:
Lovingly prepared by a husband and wife professional chef duo.
Professional Chef Produced Meal Delivery ServiceProfessional Chef Produced Meal Delivery Service

A Roadtrip To Stanford & Some Of The Delights It Uncovered.

To Be or not to … actually, just

A road trip to and around Stanford ticked ALL my boxes. From the beautiful scenery of the rolling hills and valleys to the total onslaught of award-winning wines, craft beers, cheeses and multiple gastronomic foodie heavens to the magnificent locals sharing their passions, genius, talents and hearts. You will leave feeling more than refreshed. Thank you Tracey Anderson, Stanford Tourism and every establishment involved! 


The Wanderer with Maps ~Latest Edition

Please click on the image to open the online version. Once open, please click on the bottom right square bellow the magazine to enlarge for full effect.

Visit The Wandered Page

The Wanderer with Maps has been around for more than 10 years. This completely hand-drawn newsletter is a joy to find every time! John Crighton is the artist behind this lovely publication and his general joie de vivre shines straight out of each page. 

Book Release: The Summer We Didn’t Die  ~ Cristine Coats

Christine Coates was awarded a prize by the organisers of the Kalahari Short Story Competition in December 2020  for her short story. Her new book of poetry “The summer we didn’t die” was published in November 2020 by Modjaji Books. 


Modjaji Books is proud to announce the publication of The Summer We Didn’t Die, a new collection of poems by Christine Coates.

“Christine Coates’ poetry is lyrical, tender, and full of sensually charged memories. The Summer We Didn’t Die succeeds both as odyssey and as elegy.” – Finuala Dowling

“These beautiful poems never die. They remain alive through loss, grief, drought, fire and water, from the nineteenth century to the present day, from Hermanus to Istanbul, from Klerksdorp to Cape Town. Rhythmic, always enriching, the poetry keeps the reader close as Christine Coates’ sure voice guides us through the world anew.” – Wendy Woodward

Read more about Christine and her book


Break Away To Tranquillity

Free Online Courses!

Did you know that you can study many subjects for free!?

Here is a list of free online courses from universities like Oxford, Harvard, Yale etc.

Study anything from a new language to bookkeeping to neurology to fashion design and much, much more. 

Brush up or learn a new language in an easy and fun way.

Spoil yourself to a great meal.


Order or visit Manny’s Kitchen in Botrivier. Warning: Hot Portuguese Food!
Always a winner.

Order from or visit Ecology Lifestyle Farm. 
Authentic freshly prepared Eastern food. 

Ecology Lifestyle Farm R43


Ways To Make Money Online

We have researched some legitimate ways to make money online from the comfort of wherever you find yourself. You can also live the Laptop Lifestyle. Click here for a list of some of the best ways to make money online in 2020 and 2021.

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Heart At Work Gifts From Africa

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As an NGO, the crafting of our beautiful items for the body, home and soul, allows the Mothers we work with to become custodians of skills, empowering them to earn a sustainable income.

With a lot of help and love from our friends, heART At Work has secured a little retail space at Chelsea Village, Somerset West, a unique boutique shopping experience in the heart of Somerset West. Visit us! 

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Look at our list of best selling books to invest in.
Also the prestigious Booker Prize shortlist and some titles we think should have been included : )

It is a well known fact that reading is excellent for the brain. It stimulates creative thinking as images are involuntarily mustered up while words flow through the ever active brain. 


Also, discover, tick off books that you have read, write reviews, read the reviews of others, receive suggestions on books that you will enjoy based on your ratings on the ones you have read. Meet like-minded book lovers on Goodreads.com. 

Environment, community and social responsibility.

Please visit our Caring Community & Doing Random Acts of Kindness page where you can pick your favourite charity or choose a random one to donate a couple of hours, giveaways or rands to. Giving feeds the soul. 

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” ~ Viktor Frankl

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10 – 14 Feb, International Public Art Festival 2021 – Cape Town

11 Feb, Juan Boucher LIVE – Kapstadt Brauhaus Langebaan

12 – 13 Feb, Esmo Virtual Summit Africa 2021 – Cape Town

14 Feb, A Grand Opening Display – Mistico Equestrian Centre

14 Feb, ‘I Woof You’ Brak Trap – Stellenbosch

14 Feb, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan LIVE ONLINE Concert

Enroll by 26 February 2021, GetSmarter ONLINE course: Business Writing (Starts 04 March 2021)

26 Feb – 28 March, Spier Light Art – Spier Wine Farm

27 Feb, Caveman Challenge – Grabouw Country Club

27 Feb, Paarl MTB Challenge

27 – 28 Feb, Bump & Beyond Expo – Cape Town

28 Feb, Prime Circle | Music in Empty Spaces ONLINE


MARCH 2021

1 – 5 Mar, Africa Energy Indaba Virtual Event

Enroll by 02 March 2021, GetSmarter ONLINE course: Health Economics and Policy (Starts 10 March 2021)

6 Mar, The Complete 2 Day Workshop for learning and shooting 360-Degree Virtual Reality Films & Stills – Cape Town

6 – 7 Mar, aQuellé Midmar Mile (Events 1 – 4) – Midmar Dam, Howick, KZN

7 – 15 Mar, Cape Town Cycle Tour

13 Mar, Cultivate Confidence | Confidence and Healthy Living Workshop, Vredenburg Manor House

13 – 14 Mar, aQuellé Midmar Mile (Events 5 – 8) – Midmar Dam, Howick, KZN

13 – 14 Mar, Fab Bridal Expo 2021 – Durbanville

Enroll by 16 March 2021, GetSmarter ONLINE course: Managing Technical Professionals (Starts 22 March 2021)

18 Mar, Sasolburg Petrochemical & Renewables Roadshow

19 – 21 Mar, Reforest Fest 2021 – Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat | Stanford

26 – 28 Mar, Homemakers Fair – Johannesburg

27 Mar, Anti-Trafficking and Rape Defence Workshop | Teen Workshop – Johannesburg


APRIL 2021

2 – 3 Apr, Hermanus Boerefees

2 – 4 Apr, Durban Dessert Festival

23 – 26 Apr, Walker Bay Xtreme

26 – 28 Apr, Nola Crawfish Festival 2021 ONLINE

29 Apr – 2 May, Hobby-X – Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, Johannesburg


Many online events for the choosing on Computicket

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Health & Beauty

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Things To Do

“Cooking for Pleasure” 
Classes at the Overstrand Training Institute.
Paleo your body into shape!
Go to the Saturday morning Farmers’ Market
Hermanus U3A Program
Visit Elgin Valley
Join Whale Coast conservation
Visit SpiceRoute Paarl
Register as a Blood donor: Register now.

Property For Sale.


She brings Joy 

And as always;
“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”  ~ Maya Angelou